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Meet Our Pastors


Dr. Jon A. Brandstetter is the Senior Pastor of Columbia Foursquare Church. He and his wife, Candy, and their two children came to CFC in the Fall of 1993. Two months later, the church building burned to the ground! The congregation moved into the current facility in 1996.


Pastor Jon was born and raised in Colorado, the oldest of five children. He graduated from Yale in 1970 with a B.A., from Oral Roberts University in 1981 with an M.Div., and from Fuller Seminary in 1999 with a D.Min. He served as a United Methodist associate pastor at Central United Protestant Church in Richland and at the UMC in Silverdale. He joined the Foursquare denomination in 1987 and pastored for six years in Gresham, Oregon before coming to Richland.


Pastor Candy was born in Iowa and grew up in Southern California. She attended UCLA and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Economics. She worked for a national accounting firm as a Certified Public Accountant before leaving to marry and join Jon in ministry.



I excelled at academics, was accepted at Yale and graduated in 1970, but not before getting into drugs, rock music, and sexual immorality. After college, I headed back to Colorado where I became a “ski bum,” not working but skiing and partying through the winter. With hair down to my shoulders, I adopted a play now, work later philosophy. I considered myself to be nice guy, a benevolent egotist, and a pleasure seeker, a hedonist, who was into whatever felt good. But I had one problem: my world was empty and without meaning.


I met a girl I had known in high school and I was attracted to her because she had a personal peace, joy, and purpose to her life that I did not possess. She talked a lot about God, especially Jesus. I felt lost, empty, depressed, and at times, suicidal. The difference between us seemed to be God.


I began to pray, read the Bible, and attend church meetings. One night I came to understand that when I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior, my sins are forgiven. He paid the price and died in my place. God accepts me because of Jesus, not because of me. I asked God to forgive me and I was spiritually born again with a new eternal perspective on life. Jesus rose from the dead and His Spirit now lives in me as He does in all true Christians.


That encounter with the living God inspired me to turn all my energies to serving Him. I have a master’s degree and a doctorate degree studying the things of God and I now work as a pastor in a church. I help others find their way to a new life of love, joy, peace, and purpose in God, with God, and with others.


Perhaps I can help you. I would be happy to talk with you and pray with you anytime. Just call or email me and ask for Jon.


Collide Youth 



Collide Youth Church has a mission of "Awakening today's youth to encountering Jesus." 

Our members have the following core values:

1.)  We yearn to intimately know and experience the presence, glory and power of God.

2.)  We are devoted to growing in identity and character as children of God.

3.)  We are committed to demonstrating the Kingdom of God through grace, love and honor in relating to God and others.

4.) We engage today's youth in partnership with God to reveal the true person of Jesus Christ.