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OH THE TESTIMONIES!!  Deut 4:9 NLT  “But watch out! Be careful never to forget what you yourself have seen.  Do not let these memories escape from your mind as long as you live!   And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren.  Write them down!!  Keep a journal, start your own Acts 29!!


The last few weeks have been quite interesting inside the box (church).   There was one healing in particular that has really been rolling around in the back of my mind.  It revolves around an idea that we all tend to nurture; someone prayed for me, I’m not any better, that’s ok, it’ll get better, if I don’t I’m ok I can still function…….rriigghhtttt….   We’ve talked about word of faith before (find a scripture and stand on it until your healing is manifested) and that’s good a thing in more areas than healing.  But we shouldn’t stop there.  We should be pursuing our healing.

How about what Jesus said in Luke 18:1 (NLT again) in the parable of the persistent widow?  It starts like this; 18:1 One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up……   I’ve heard a few discussions on this but what I get out of this is just what Jesus said; ALWAYS PRAY AND NEVER GIVE UP, and (sacrilege!!) I’ll add this; GET ALL THE PRAYER YOU CAN, AND NEVER GIVE UP.  You say I should supply an example?  Ok….

A few Sundays ago I’m in the back soliciting for prayer teams.  I ask a lady and her husband if they would be able to pray at the end of the service.  She says I don’t think I can, I have a migraine.  I immediately ask to pray.  I pray a few times, no change.  Ok I say, come up and get prayer at the end of the service.  End of the service comes around and my partner has to go pray for a previous obligation and Juliana joins me.  Our first customer is another migraine?  Ok, and the prayer team lady with the migraine comes forward about that time and takes a seat to wait for prayer.  I go grab her and bring her over (might as well do two migraines for the price of one, right?).  The lady who came forward first has her migraine go almost completely gone.  Our prayer team lady is only marginally better.  About this time the team to our left opens up.  We take our prayer team lady over there for them to pray.  I’m there momentarily and leave to check in with another prayer team.   And suddenly… the prayer team is praying for the migraine to leave, the lady says “who touched me?”  “I felt someone touch the back of my head and the migraine left”.   Except there wasn’t anyone behind her to touch her head?  Is that you LORD? 

A recap; I prayed first; nada.  Juliana and I prayed; a little better.   Linda, Cathy, and Juliana prayed, and just for good measure Jesus stops by for a touch; the migraine leaves.  Twice the recipient told me, once after I prayed, and once after the first team prayer, she would be ok, it would leave eventually, it just takes time.  But Jesus said Pray and don’t give up.  I’m here to tell you don’t give up if Lenny Henn (sp intended) prays for you and nothing happens, get the janitors or greeters J to pray. You don’t know who’s packing the wallop you need. Pursue it! Get prayer!!

Last Sunday Dave wanted to make sure we prayed for feet and backs.  Good call.  We had at least one back and two feet healed.  And the prayer teams looked like they were having too much fun. 

Somewhere along the line Terri and I found time for a Treasure hunt with Dave and Carlos at the Flea Market.  Dave had two pretty cool encounters with long term back injuries where their pain completely left.  Terri and I had a young man with a knee injury from soccer that “popped” when we touched it and prayed, and he felt much better.   A Holy Ghost chiropractic move? 

Don’t ever be shy about getting prayer!  If you need prayer it really is all about you.  Go after it!  Pursue it!

Matt 10:7-8    JESUS!! 





OH THE TESTIMONIES!!  Deut 4:9 NLT  “But watch out! Be careful never to forget what you yourself have seen.  Do not let these memories escape from your mind as long as you live!   And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren.  Write them down!!  Keep a journal, start your own Acts 29!!


The last few weeks have been quite interesting inside the box (church).   There was one healing in particular that has really been rolling around in the back of my mind.  It revolves around an idea that we all tend to nurture; someone prayed for me, I’m not any better, that’s ok, it’ll get better, if I don’t I’m ok I can still function…….rriigghhtttt….   We’ve talked about word of faith before (find a scripture and stand on it until your healing is manifested) and that’s good a thing in more areas than healing.  But we shouldn’t stop there.  We should be pursuing our healing.

How about what Jesus said in Luke 18:1 (NLT again) in the parable of the persistent widow?  It starts like this; 18:1 One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up……   I’ve heard a few discussions on this but what I get out of this is just what Jesus said; ALWAYS PRAY AND NEVER GIVE UP, and (sacrilege!!) I’ll add this; GET ALL THE PRAYER YOU CAN, AND NEVER GIVE UP.  You say I should supply an example?  Ok….

A few Sundays ago I’m in the back soliciting for prayer teams.  I ask a lady and her husband if they would be able to pray at the end of the service.  She says I don’t think I can, I have a migraine.  I immediately ask to pray.  I pray a few times, no change.  Ok I say, come up and get prayer at the end of the service.  End of the service comes around and my partner has to go pray for a previous obligation and Juliana joins me.  Our first customer is another migraine?  Ok, and the prayer team lady with the migraine comes forward about that time and takes a seat to wait for prayer.  I go grab her and bring her over (might as well do two migraines for the price of one, right?).  The lady who came forward first has her migraine go almost completely gone.  Our prayer team lady is only marginally better.  About this time the team to our left opens up.  We take our prayer team lady over there for them to pray.  I’m there momentarily and leave to check in with another prayer team.   And suddenly… the prayer team is praying for the migraine to leave, the lady says “who touched me?”  “I felt someone touch the back of my head and the migraine left”.   Except there wasn’t anyone behind her to touch her head?  Is that you LORD? 

A recap; I prayed first; nada.  Juliana and I prayed; a little better.   Linda, Cathy, and Juliana prayed, and just for good measure Jesus stops by for a touch; the migraine leaves.  Twice the recipient told me, once after I prayed, and once after the first team prayer, she would be ok, it would leave eventually, it just takes time.  But Jesus said Pray and don’t give up.  I’m here to tell you don’t give up if Lenny Henn (sp intended) prays for you and nothing happens, get the janitors or greeters J to pray. You don’t know who’s packing the wallop you need. Pursue it! Get prayer!!

Last Sunday Dave wanted to make sure we prayed for feet and backs.  Good call.  We had at least one back and two feet healed.  And the prayer teams looked like they were having too much fun. 

Somewhere along the line Terri and I found time for a Treasure hunt with Dave and Carlos at the Flea Market.  Dave had two pretty cool encounters with long term back injuries where their pain completely left.  Terri and I had a young man with a knee injury from soccer that “popped” when we touched it and prayed, and he felt much better.   A Holy Ghost chiropractic move? 

Don’t ever be shy about getting prayer!  If you need prayer it really is all about you.  Go after it!  Pursue it!

Matt 10:7-8    JESUS!! 




Luke 17:20 One day the Pharisees asked Jesus, “When will the Kingdom of God come?”  Jesus replied, “The Kingdom of God can’t be detected by visible signs. 21 You won’t be able to say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘It’s over there!’ For the Kingdom of God is already among you.” 


The Kingdom may not be a place, like Wal-Mart (OK, maybe it is Wal-Mart), but there is evidence of the Kingdom is in the testimonies.


Thursday night we were in the Healing Rooms when a lady brought her husband in for prayer for his leg.  She had gone to Azusa St. Now, last weekend.  Something happened to her there in Pasadena; she got a touch of the BOLDNESS.  She said she had never prayed for people but she found herself praying for a construction worker across the street earlier in the day, something she wouldn’t have done a week ago.  When she talked about what happened something came over her that looked like more than a “touch”, it was more like she got hit by Mack truck. Terri’s response to her story was “pray for me, give me some more of that!!”  Terri had her pray for her and then drug her in back and had her pray for the team.  And oh by the way, when we prayed her husband’s leg the pain didn't go away but it “straightened out”.  And when we had Dave and Patricia join us Dave grew the leg guy’s bad leg out and Patricia fed him her own testimony of healing. Luke 9:11, The lady who went to Azusa knows now that the Kingdom is among us and she’s spreading it!


Church clean up at CFC is an opportunity to rub shoulders with people you don’t see often and maybe glean a few God stories.  Brandie had this one; she and Heladio we’re at a restaurant when she felt she should get a word for their waitress.  She wasn’t getting anything specific so she pressed Heladio.  He told her to just ask the waitress if she has any pain in her body.  Brandie asks, and the waitress says how did you know that?  Brandie says something like God told me to ask.  The waitress says; “Who told you?!”  That would be a response to see on video!  And they did pray for her.  Luke 9:2, He sent them to preach the Kingdom of God and heal the sick.


At break time Linda was serving snacks; “Got any God stories”?  She said “God is doing something with hips”.  I’ve prayed for three this week; two were definitely better, haven’t heard back on the third one.  That sounds like evidence of the Kingdom, doesn’t it?


Saturday afternoon Terri and I joined Dave and Julie, and a lady with two boys who had driven from Boise for a treasure hunt, at the Pasco Flea Market.  The lady wanted to get “activated” to pray for people on the streets.  They saw five or six healings and the lady and her boys did all the praying.  One boy got to grow a leg out.  I would say that's activation!  Terri had a good one; she had a clue of “pit bull” and found a lady and son with a pit bull pup.  The lady had a wrist brace to help keep the pain from carpo tunnel in check.  She said that when she took the brace off, her pain was about a 9.  Terri prayed, the pain went to about a two, she prayed again and it left completely.  I had my back to all this and was talking to her son when she came into my view, brace off and flexing her wrist.  “I couldn’t do this” she says as she flexes her wrist.  The son says what happened?  “She prayed for me”.  And the son says he doesn’t believe much in prayer.  Uh oh, what do you do with that? John 10:38. 


Two weeks ago Dave and Alex were invited to a volley ball game for “at risk kids”.  There were 20-40 kids there that have been in a mixed bag of trouble.  Alex and Dave were trying to figure out how to approach them when Alex said he had one that was “highlighted” and that he was just going to go talk to him.  Dave had one too, and an idea of back pain.  They wound up checking for a short leg and then called all the kids over to watch as the leg grew out, they had string of 7-8 of them after that.  And the hardest among them had the widest eyes. John 14:12


As you go bring the Kingdom, and then Matt 10:7-8   






The Power   


I have stood and watched people with bull horns standing in public places proclaiming the gospel (God bless them, that takes boldness) and have wondered how much more effective it is (is it?) displaying the POWER (1 Corinthians 4:20) of the gospel “uno y uno”. A week and half ago we ago we went to Salem for five days to connect with family.  This trip felt different like there was a spiritual shift and everyone was more open to God stuff.  Part of that shift may have been us; we spent the trip down listening to the Bethel Healing Rooms training of Chris Gore and Joaquin Evans.  So maybe it was us being ready to pour ourselves out spiritually as much as openness to God stuff.  Either way we were part of some pretty cool God stuff and are  still praying there will be “good reports” from what we didn’t see immediately.   We prayed for a lot of family and it was all good but we’ll focus on the “tangible” results; demonstrations of God's Power.  It started with Terri's cousin.   She had a sore on her forehead that was painful and she was thinking that maybe its shingles.  Terri prayed for her before she went to bed Wed. and the next morning she said it was better.  By Friday evening the sore on the forehead wasn’t an issue anymore but she was saying how her hip was hurting (from an old accident).  Terri said she’d pray for her but all she did was touch it and then tell her to chk it out; the pain was gone.  The next morning her cousin was telling us that she wasn’t favoring that leg and it didn’t hurt! 


Saturday we took our traveling show to my sisters and eventually the conversation landed on, oh no, religion.  We went from religion to God stories and YouTube testimonies then prayed for my brother-in-law's back; but no change.  Teri mentioned that her sister told her about a church in west Salem ( , two thumbs up!!) so we decided we would go.  Sunday morning Pastor Don shared some testimonies and one was about a back healing.  Then he asked everybody with a back problem to stand.  My brother in law stands and a little old lady next to my brother-in-law lays her hand on his back and prays.  On the way home he is telling us about the old lady and how his back feels better.  We leave my sister’s house but before we leave town we stop at our ex-brother in law’s, who has had cancer.  While I’m praying for him Teri prays for his wife’s back and all her pain leaves and she starts crying. 


It gets better.  We head home and a couple of hours later we get a call from sister and brother in law.  He's still flabbergasted that “ever since that old lady laid hands on my back my pains been gone” (old is a relative term, he’s 70 this year!).  The best part is when he says I always thought you guys were a little crazy, but it’s true! (not that we’re crazy, ok maybe that’s true too). And it gets MORE BETTER!  After we talk to my sis and bro in law Terri calls her youngest sister to tell her that Life Church was great.  Terri’s sister says she‘s in Portland and she has surgery in the morning to tie off some varisi veins that could be life threatening.  Terri says maybe you can go (to church) next week.  Her sister says you don’t understand, this is going to take multiple operations.  At this point Terri says I believe that when they look at your veins they’re just going to see Jesus smiling back ” (more a declaration than a prayer Job 22:28,Romans 4:17. Watch Stage 4 esophageal cancer:


The next morning Terri gets a call from her middle sister who’s the younger sisters designated driver after surgery and she says “they didn’t do surgery, they couldn’t find anything wrong, they have taken her off all her medications and she doesn’t have to come back”.  JESUS!!


That’s the POWER of the gospel.


Matt 10:7-8    






Phillipians 1:6, NUDGE!!  Pray for encounters…….


A few weeks ago four young men came into the healing rooms for prayer.  They call themselves the MOB (Men of Boldness) and what they were preparing to do does take boldness; go to the Truck Stop in Pasco and pray for truckers.  I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like a pretty tough crowd to play to, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a really good idea.  So the Healing Rooms people prayed for them, and then Rob, leader of the MOB, asked if anyone would care to join them…..Praying for truckers at a truck stop is not a warm and fuzzy for me, BUT, I have learned that when an opportunity presents itself, no matter how much you really don’t want to put yourself out there, take it, it might be real interesting.  As the day approached I had pretty much talked myself into going when Dave called; “I’m thinking about going with those guys, you going?” That sealed the deal.  We joined Rob and his MOB of three and canvassed the parking lots, gas stations, stores, etc of the area.  We didn’t see any extraordinary miracles but did have some real good prayer times and we were well received. 


It was interesting that what worked best as far as approaching people was just simply asking people if they need prayer.  It’s like God sealed the deal for it all to work.  Not that both Dave and I didn’t try a little treasure hunting and asking if anyone had any pain in their bodies.  But what worked best was what God had laid on the hearts of the MOB; go ask people if they need prayer. Keep It Simple Silly; KISS!  I think Dave and I were just supposed to be there as moral support and cheer leaders.  I would say The MOB was highly successful.      YEAH GOD!!


There must be a lesson in their somewhere…..      And maybe this is it; about four years ago, Rob and I were having breakfast when he told me he wanted to start a men’s group.  But it didn’t happen, at least right away.   It was a process of preparation and overcoming adversity until he was properly positioned.  What God had laid on Rob’s heart years back has come to fruition; Philippians 1:6 (NLT) And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.  JESUS!!


And how about those Holy Spirit NUDGES?   Alex, Jared (Pastor of Ascend Church, another Philippians 1:6 story) and Dave did a little Sunday afternoon outreach in the mall that included what Dave said was one of the most over the top encounters ever.  If Dave says it was over top it had to be pretty crazy.  They started off by praying for a family in the food court and the mom got healed.  Then Alex had a “NUDGE” to approach a guy waiting for his wife in the fragrance area of Macy’s.  Alex winds up praying for the guys knee, and all the pain leaves, Jared has a prophetic word that gets his attention, and Dave does the hand prayer and the guy feels the Holy Spirit.  The guy’s wife shows up and says she’s ready to go, but the guy says I’ve been waiting for you, now you’ll just have to wait for me.  The guy just gets rocked and winds up accepting Jesus right there in the fragrance section.  God does cool stuff, who could make this stuff up??!!


I’ve noticed at Dave and Julie’s last home group that the testimonies seemed to have a common thread; people looking for someone to pray for, or praying “Lord give me someone to pray for”.  Brandie said she was listening to a Todd White session where he talks about how reading was a struggle, then she prayed for someone to pray for before she went shopping.  She doesn’t get any nudges while shopping but as she’s leaving she hears a guy talking about his learning disability.  She goes back to her car, writes down the Todd White link, goes back to the guy, tells him Todd Whites testimony, gives him the link, and prays for him.  Orin told about praying for a guy that was having difficulty walking as he and Camille were walking in the park.  They didn’t see any improvement but the guy was so thankful that someone would stop and pray for him.


Pray for encounters!!   Act on the NUDGE!! JESUS!!   Matt 10:7-8  





Have you felt the “nudge”?   


Just a little refresher; The Holy Spirit “nudges” us about a lot of different things; prayer for physical or emotional healing, acts of kindness, a helping hand, meeting someone’s need.  Whatever the nudge, it requires that you DO SOMETHING.  Be obedient to the nudge….


The Last Reformation Lesson 4;


Brandie is in Wal-Mart and hears a kid just losin it.  She starts to go on about her business but changes direction and follows the sound to the meltdown.  She tells the mom we’ve all been through this, you’re doing a great job, its’ ok…the tears well up in the moms eyes.  Brandie goes on shopping and notices she’s not hearing the tantrum anymore.  A nudge well done.

Our daughter had surgery two weeks ago so her boys stayed with us for a week.  After dropping the oldest off at school I stopped at the store for lunch fixins’. The lady in the deli helping me had her hand on her back as she talked.  I asked her if she had pain in her back.  She said it was sore. I asked if she would like that to go away. She said what are you going to do?  I said come to the end of the counter.  Then I said put your hand on the sore spot then I put my finger on her hand and said "soreness leave in Jesus name".  When I told her to check it, she said "it's gone". "Do the other side". We repeated the process and she said it’s gone.  Then she turned and said can I give you a hug?  So a back was better and I got a hug in the Deli at 7am.   The nudge can happen anywhere anytime.  Like this text from Jim; Cindy prayed for a lady with hip pain yesterday when we were at Costco…….       




We went to dinner a week ago with Dave and Julie at the same place we had a word and a healing for our server a month ago.  As we ate, the question came up about having a word for our server; nobody had anything, nothing, flat.  But what the heck, it wasn't busy and when the server brought our checks and started to walk away, I called him back and said "does the name Daniel mean anything to you? Well, I played hockey in grade school, let's see......I said if you gotta dig it’s not relevant.  Then Dave says you got any back or shoulder pain?  Nooooo.  Then Julie says does the name Michael mean anything?  Nooooo.  Then Teri says do you have a daughter?  Noooo…   By this time the guy is looking under the table for the hidden camera.... what’s this all about?  Dave says we're practicing hearing from God....and I chimed in; and having fun doing it…ookkkkaayy, have a great evening….  I’m guessing he wondered where we parked the space ship.   As we’re leaving we got to laughing about how crazy this probably seemed, and by the time we got to the car our cheeks hurt and we had tears in our eyes.  Sssoooo,  that didn’t fly, and although no one had an over whelming nudge, each had a “thought”, and there was a “possibility”...  What started in the restaurant didn’t end there. 


Dave and Julie had to go to Spokane last week and they popped the same questions to their server at lunch and the nurse at the clinic, nope.  Undaunted they asked the lady running the book store at the Healing Rooms.  BINGO!  Dave had her name, Michael was her brother’s name, she had pain in the right spots, they prayed and all her pain left.  They had it right; they just had to find the right person. If you THINK about it and don’t do it, that’s ok, it means you’ve started to think about the possibilities (Luke 18:27).   


 Matt 10:7-8                                 nudge






The “Nudge” Challenge   


Last Sunday at CFC Pastor Jon told about talking to a guy in a store then, when leaving, seeing him limping across the parking lot.  He felt the Holy Spirits “nudge” to engage and see if he could pray, but the guy was in his car and leaving before he could get himself to respond to the nudge.  Even though Pastor missed the opportunity, he recognized the “nudge”.  That’s a cool thought right there; recognize the Holy Spirits nudge.  The Holy Spirit is in you always and nudging you to let him out.  We just don’t get it or don’t respond.  Kinda like we’re a pitcher and Holy Spirit is a catcher; Holy Spirit keeps sending us signs and we keep shaken ‘em off.


Monday at Colby’s home group, the group prayed about recognizing and acting on the “nudge”.  At Tuesday’s leadership meeting we took it a step further and issued the “Nudge Challenge”; act on a “nudge” and pray for at least one person before the next meeting.  Let the nudging begin!!


Wednesday Julie had to go in for a scan of an “unidentified object”.  Once you’ve had cancer and they see the least little thing its “biopsy city” and “scan central”.  Everything was good (thank you JESUS!!!) but in the midst of the process, in the exam room with the Dr. and the tech, Julie gets a name; “Alex”.  Now, Colby’s group has been practicing getting prophetic words, like people’s names, prayer needs, etc.   After a little self deliberation Julie takes the “sign” and asks the Dr if his name is Alex.  He looks perplexed and says “no, my brother’s name is Alex.  The Dr asks how she knows Alex?  She says doesn’t know Alex, she says she is practicing hearing from God and got the name Alex, and then asks if Alex is alright.  Now the Dr is really dumbfounded and says, I think so, is he!?  Julie explains that she thinks everything is fine, God just gave her the name, and she tells the Dr that the next time he talks to Alex to tell him he’s on Gods heart. 


The Dr goes out and the tech, who has been listening to all this, comes over and says, have you heard from my brother Pat?  He’s been dead for 10 years?!  I think about him all the time.  Julie has to explain that it doesn’t work like that (she’s not the Long Island Medium).  She tells the tech that she obviously has a concern for her brother and that she needs peace about the situation.  Julie prays for the tech who then says she has to have to leave the room or she’s going to bawl.  When the tech comes back she tells Julie how much she appreciates the prayer and walks her all the way out to the lobby like her new friend. 


It doesn’t stop there.  Friday Cindy sends a text that she and Jim were at the show and a lady twisted her ankle on the stairs.  They start to leave but get the “nudge” and go back and pray for the lady.  Saturday Dave and Alex (not the Dr’s brother) are having coffee and Alex has a nudge about the guy at the next table.  He asks the guy if he has a problem with his shoulder and back.  Yes he does.  Alex winds up praying for the guy there in the coffee shop. 


The Holy Spirit “nudges” us about a lot of different things; prayer for physical or emotional healing, acts of kindness, a helping hand, meeting someone’s need.  Whatever the nudge, it’s going to require that you DO SOMETHING.  It may stretch you but yah gotta act on the nudge.   No funky town “talked about it talked about it talked about it…do it…take the nudge.


And while you’re at it, heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons, Matt 10:7-8





God in Sixty Seconds, Mary


Friday evening (2-12)we joined the Colby’s for an early Valentines dinner.  Now, the last time we had dinner with Colby’s, Dave threw the whole table under the bus; we all had to have a “word” for the waitress.  So all day I’m thinking I really need to stop working and go inside and pray about this coming evening and “get a word”, or make out a treasure map, or get in HIS presence, do something! PRAY! Didn’t happen.  Finally about 4pm I went in and started getting cleaned up.  As I was shaving I was thinking about a name, and I got “Stephanie”.  Pretty darn clear too.  Huh, I thought, what about Stephanie?  “She’s having some emotional problems”.  Ok.  So we go to dinner, the place is hectic, and our server is just about at a dead run. I kept waiting for a lull to ask the server if the name “Stephanie” means anything to her, but it wasn’t happening.   At the same time I’m also watching Dave, if he “see’s something” he gets kinda fidgety and stares a little to long, but he was surprisingly “normal” (that make me chuckle, what’s normal?).  Anyhow, he didn’t indicate he was making any move to talk to the lady either, so I just kicked back and enjoyed dinner and thought maybe this isn’t the time or place, but still, just kinda waiting for an opportunity. 


We finished dinner, put our coats on, and as we’re grabbing our to go bags, the server stopped just for a second to say thank you, and I quickly asked “does the name Stephanie mean anything to you”?  “You mean the one that ____?”  I said I have no idea, I just got a name, does she have emotional problems?  Oh yeah.  And right then Dave jumps in and says “I’ve wanted to ask you since we got here if you have any pain in your body, do you have back pain”?  She says “yes”.  Dave says on a scale of 1-10?  She says an 8.  He says would you like it to go away?  She says yes.  He puts his hand on her back and commands the pain to leave in the fastest prayer I’ve ever heard him pray, and then says check it out.  She kinda looks at him, and again he says check it out.  She moves around, twists, bends over, and then looks at him and the tears start to well up in her eyes.  Terri jumps in and says “and tell Stephanie that there’s “Hope”.  Then Julie gives her a big hug.  The server is still standing there processing what just happened and says you guys are a blessing.  We say have a good evening and bye and we’re headed to the door.  I don’t think the whole exchange was much more than a minute, if it ‘twere, ‘twerent much more.  No five step prayer model, no questions about forgiveness, no counseling, just a word a prayer and done.


Quite some time ago Teri had a thought (a word of knowledge) that she was supposed to pray for a grey haired woman in a wheelchair named “Mary”.  Since then she has prayed for a number of women in wheelchairs, but no Mary, until this last week.  She was in Freddie’s and noticed a woman in a motorized cart looking up at the shelves.  She looked like she wasn’t finding what she needed so Teri asked if she could help.  The woman said yes and they looked and found what she needed.  Then Teri asked the lady if her name happened to be Mary.  Yes it was.  Teri asked if she could pray and the woman was somewhat hesitant until Teri said, God gave me your name; he’s got you on his mind.  Turns out the lady was working on getting her strength up so she could be free of wheelchairs and carts.  There was no immediate indication of supernatural strength, but she had tears in her eyes and was obviously touched.  We always want to see immediate results, but be confident HE is always always doing something.  Thank you Lord for good reports for Mary! 


So try this; pray about a name, then ask “what’s the problem Lord, or, “what do they need”, and then, “what do you want me to do”, or “what do you want me to pray”.  That’s kinda where I fell down, I didn’t ask “what do I need to do, or say”, but Teri had me covered.  So, as you go, try it out and see what happens.  AND Heal the Sick, Raise the Dead, and cast out devils.  Here’s a little dissertation by Bill Johnson about Gods Will with a tidbit on “As you go”. 


As you go, MATT 10:7-8





Teachable moment?  The family that gets prayed for together….   cheap shoes!! 


Sunday at CFC during prayer, a man came forward with pain in his back.  Chuck and I prayed, prayed again, and then prayed again; minimal results if any.  If you’re praying, and praying, or metaphorically speaking, beating on the rock, and the rock’s not breaking, give the rock to someone else to break, or get help.  We got help.  We grabbed the nearest person, Pastor Jon, and drug him into the fray.  He prayed once and immediately the pain dropped, ‘bout the third time it was gone.  Teachable moment?  If they’re not getting any better why not try getting help, or sending the person to the next prayer person?  Jesus healed ALL who came to him, and we want to emulate HIM, just like HE emulated the father.  He loved, we’re supposed to love, not spiritualize or mysticize.  Hey, we’re growing; we’re headed towards John 14: 12-14.  Don’t get wrapped around the axle if something doesn’t happen, but don’t stop praying.  In the process of writing this Alex sent me this link to a Todd White YouTube video, applicable?  The video is long; 1:22, but it’ll be well worth giving up Jeopardy; Gods Plan & Healing!


Now all the time the above was going on, about 6 rows back, Dave was praying for a family of four.  It started with clues from his treasure map that he thought might be a bit of a stretch, but as the encounter developed he had clues for everyone in the family.  One by one they all got healed right there in their seats.   AND it was interactive; he prayed for the son, the son prayed for the daughter, then they prayed for mom and then they all prayed for dad.  After they prayed the dad is going “I couldn’t do that”!  As he was moving around.  How does that go?  The family that gets prayed for together....


Sunday afternoon, Dave and Alex went to the mall to do a little treasure hunting.  They found four young twenty something’s; one who was pretty flippant.  After some prodding they finally got to pray for one of the group who had a rare syndrome; actually Dave threw the Alex under the bus to pray. All the guys’ symptoms left.  Then they had the guy who was just healed tell one of his friends what happened, and one by one the rest were all healed of wrist, hip, back, even the one who was flippant.


Thursday at the Healing Rooms was another amazing evening.  Dave and Julie prayed for a lady before they even had time to settle in.  The lady was in so much pain she couldn’t sit.  She walked out pain free.   It may have been another night where every team had a healing; it was too busy to get feedback.


Friday and Sat morning there was the “Holy Spirit Conference” at Central United Protestant, led by the 77 year old energizer bunny, Don Shelby.  It was very well put together complete with great teaching, breakout sessions, and a session on the power of the Holy Spirit.   The session on the power was Don throwing Dave under the bus; just do a “demonstration of healing”, you know, show up, you have twenty minutes to talk about healing, and then HEAL SOMENEONE!!  NO PRESSURE!!  Well, as God would have it, Dave had a young man in his breakout group that he prayed for and his throat got healed.  When the time came for Dave to teach he asked for three volunteers with ten years + of chronic pain.  Dave had the young man that got healed earlier pray for the first one, and that one pray for the second one, and the second pray for the third one.  The first one got healed and the second got healed, but when the second prayed for the third nothing was happening.  Dave graciously interrupted the lady that was praying; if nothing was happening, he didn’t want that to be on her.  Eventually the third one did get healed, it just took a little longer.  So God showed up and did a demonstration of healing, excellent.  But it didn’t end there.  After the conference was over a lady comes up and wants Dave to pray for her back.  She has scoliosis and a 1” lift on her left shoe.  Her leg grows out and she’s walking around in her stocking feet, cool.  But what happened didn’t totally hit home until she put her shoes back on.  The lift made it hard to walk.  It was amusing and she got so excited; “I’m going to Payless to buy some cheap shoes!!” 


As you go, Matt. 10:7-8





Testimonies; Jump into the deep end!  Chain reaction….


Lisa was at the mall and went into a shop that was empty except for her and the salesgirl.  The salesgirl had a lot of real interesting tattoos, so Lisa started asking her about the tattoos.  That led to a discussion about a career and that led to a discussion about a condition that caused the girl a lot of pain.  Lisa just jumped into the deep end and said if you let me pray for you right now God is going to heal you.  The girl wasn’t hurting at the moment but she let Lisa pray and when it was over she was all wobbly; can you say “something happened”, or “Holy Spirit?”?  Lisa said her thought process was what the heck (instead of messing around and sticking a toe in the water), why not just jump all the way in?  All the way?  Do you suppose there might possibly be a direct ratio of RISK to REWARD?  Just wondering…….


Sunday was the last day of the Cry for the Deep Conference and it was good, maybe even festive.  Teri and Tracy were praying for a lady with a bad shoulder who couldn’t raise her arm over 90 degrees.  They prayed and the pain left her shoulder and she had mobility but she said her arm was still stiff and sore.  ‘Bout the time she said that Alex walks up and asks what’s going on, touches her arm, and it all leaves immediately.  The lady has the look and says”I think my arm just grew out!”  Yah just never know who’s packin’ that wallop that’s going to knock the crud off yah.  Be open!  At the same time Dave and Julie were praying for a lady who was in pain from coughing.  The pain left and she left laughing.  ‘splain that Lucy?


Thursday we drug ourselves to the Healing Rooms.  And I do mean drug.  It was one of those days you need the full 850 amp jump start to get your posterior in motion, but we were glad we went.  We prayed for four people one of whom had level 10 pain that went to 0!  And we weren’t the only ones, every team had at least one healing and Patricia and Julie grew out a leg as well!  Although it was all good, and we were busy, ultimately we want to see the people we pray for have their own encounters and revelations and bring the power of Christ into their sphere of influence; a tsunami of the Fathers Love.


Sunday afternoon we stopped at our daughters house and her two youngest boys wanted to come spend the night, but the youngest was pretty snot nosed and Terri was waffling, until the other boy spoke up and said “but grandma every time we come to your house we get healed”!  What do you do with that?  You bring them home, that’s what you do….


Heladio and Brandie were meeting with a lady and it was obvious the lady wasn’t feeling well.  Finally Brandie asks if they can pray for her.  But before they pray Heladio gives her a testimony about praying for a lady and her subsequent healing.  THEN they prayed and she was notably better.  Testimonies build faith.  And speaking of testimonies building faith, I had a series of texts going with Dan that turned into a chain reaction.  It started with “Hey Roger, prayed for a lady's shoulder at work yesterday. She came back today and told me that for the next 5 to 10 minutes she had felt heat in her shoulder and she slept last night without pain!”  Then Thursday I get this text; “So the lady whose shoulder was healed last week asked me this morning, "how do I get more faith?"  ...Now that was fun!”  Loved the testimony and texted it to some other people, including one who was having a problem with his shoulder, who immediately claimed that testimony for his healing.  But the testimony didn’t stop there.  We were praying for a shoulder at the Healing Rooms Thursday evening and we used Dan's' testimony, so I sent him this text; “Hey Dan, used your "textimony" last night at the Healing Rooms, another shoulder healed, good stuff!!”  Dan’s response;


“Awesome! And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony...”   




As you go, Matt. 10:7-8





Go figure, Practice


Its interesting how people process and display the prayer and healing they’re receiving.  Sunday at church Dave had a treasure map (I know, hard to believe) and he spots a lady with a bunch of his clues.  So after worship he goes over and says something like: if you come up for prayer after the service God will heal you.  Dave took a “RISK” and made a DECLARATION.  Not, “Oh God please show up, signed Dave”.  He believes God is going to show up and perform a miracle if he takes the RISK.  After service the lady comes up for prayer and Dave and Julie pray for her.  They pray for one thing after another until she’s pain free, and then she leaves.  No emotion, but probably a lot of processing.  15 feet away John and I are praying for a sprained finger; black and blue and no mobility.  Minor compared to the stuff going on next door.  But hey, any healing is a miracle, no matter if it’s a finger or a wheel chair.  The discoloration actually goes away, the swelling recedes, he can move his finger, and we were like kids having way too much fun.  Go figure.


At the Healing Rooms Teri and I prayed for a man who was in a lot of pain and having a rough time spiritually due to what was going on physically.  He said he a knot in his back, level 8 back pain, and numbness in his feet.  It’s customary to have people sit when they come in but this time we felt like we needed to have him stand instead of sit.  He stood, cane in hand, while his wife, and Teri and I laid hands on his back and prayed.  We prayed once and then we asked him if he felt anything; yes, heat, and his pain had gone down to a 5.  Then we told him that we were going to pray again, and if he felt heat again, to tell us and we would keep our hands on him and pray until he didn’t feel the heat anymore.  It wasn’t that long, maybe two minutes and he said he didn’t feel the heat anymore, so we stopped.  The knot in his back was gone, the pain was gone, and he felt heat in his feet for the first time in a very long time.  We prayed more but it was calling out all the good stuff that we felt we were hearing for him and his wife.  I think we were more excited than they were.  Then we prayed for another bad back; nothing.  Go figure.


We were doing testimonies in a group at church last week and there were two testimonies where people with stage 4 cancer were miraculously, inexplicably, healed.  Well, kinda inexplicably, they were prayed for.   But then another one of our group has a relative who is a great guy, Christian family, has cancer and he just went into hospice.  Go figure.  Go figure, but don’t ever give up; don’t stop praying.  We may never know exactly how or why it all works while we’re on this earth, but for sure we’ll never know or figure out anything if we stop praying.


It’s been so busy the last two weekends that we haven’t gotten out of the box; last week in Hermiston, OR Robby Dawkins ( and this weekend Jan Walterscheid at CFC Richland ( ),  It has been an opportunity to get a lot of good teaching and some good tools from both ministries.  Both ministries encourage people to get out of the box (church) and out on the streets.  Robby is big on healing and activation.  Jan is big on the love message and helping the weak and downtrodden.  Whenever I go to a conference there is usually something that really sticks in my head.  With Robby, and this is me talkin, it's that satan tips his hand.  We need to recognize that, when things take a sudden left turn, he is trying to take us out of the game; i.e. when he tries to get us to be fearful or down on ourselves, he’s trying to keep us from our destiny; he’s tipping his hand.  With Jan it was about relationship and intimacy with the Father.  It’s an excellent message on love, and loving till the walls come down.  Good stuff.  This got a chuckle from both Teri and I; Jan encouraged husbands and wives to practice intimacy as a step toward being more loving to others.  All they have to do is kiss more.




JESUS!!!   As you go, Matt. 10:7-8





There is a song with the lyrics "there's just so much goin on".  How apropos.  There is a whole lotta Kingdom stuff goin on that we are oblivious to; can you really imagine how much Kingdom stuff is going on around here, our country, the world, that we don’t know about?  I tell yah there is a JESUS epidemic and it’s spreading….There have been testimonies at our church of answered prayer concerning jobs and families restored.  We've heard the prophetic WITH confirmation over numerous people and situations.  At the Healing Rooms two weeks ago we had two legs grow out.  One was pretty dramatic, watch the video;   And there’s more; this Friday at 6:30, Sat at 10 and 2, CFC hosts the CRY FOR THE DEEP CONFERENCE.        


We went to dinner Thursday and Dave threw the whole table "under the bus".  He told the waitress we were practicing hearing from God and that we would each have a prophetic word for her. "Getting a word" is something we've been practicing at their home group and it went well... We all had something for her, but Julie sealed the deal with a name.  The name was “Stephen”.  Julie got it watching Shawn Bolz;  He tries out a name as a prophetic word and he misses, but still leads the guy to the Lord.  Julie asked if the name Stephen meant anything….YES...ex-boyfriend, just broke up…. not a bad start.  The waitress was totally blessed, she had just started going back to church and last Sunday in class they were talking about…hearing and obeying…JESUS!!


Friday evening a group from Tri Cities traveled to Hermiston Assembly to attend a conference with guest speaker Robby Dawkins (  Robby’s  emphasis is training and activating the church to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons, (Matt 10: 7-8) my kinda guy.  I had to chuckle when I ran into our friend from Sunnyside, Saul, who said it was nice to be around other people who were "cuckoo cuckoo" Christians.  Agreed.   Robby touched on a lotta ways to step out and take risks to pray for people. One was at "handicap" parking spots.  Never crossed my mind, but why not? 


Saturday Lisa had to make a run to the store.  She parks and immediately runs into an older gentleman using two canes to walk, going to his handicap parking spot.  She engaged; "oh my gosh, what happened to you!”  Turns out its bad knees so she asks to pray and does the "point and pray".  Nothing.  Then his wife shows up and when she finds out Lisa just came out of nowhere and offered to pray she gets all teared up.  They've moved a little more out of the driveway and Lisa asks to pray again.  This time she lays hands on the knees, first one then the other.  She prays for one knee and there's a "pop".  She says did you hear that? Then prays for the other knee and again hears a "pop".  At this point the gentleman is acting real nervous and wants to leave.  These were older Christians and I wonder if something happened when those knees popped that was so far off of his grid that it shocked him.  I’m just sayin, feeling your body change in an instant may just tweak yah a bit……just sayin..


But that wasn’t the end of it.  She hasn’t made it into the store yet.  She gets into the store and runs into another older couple several times and the gentleman is really highlighted to her, but they both looked real healthy.  She finishes shopping goes to her car and runs into them again… the same handicap parking place where the first encounter took place…..signs that make you wonder…..hhhmm.   Go figure.


As you go, Matt. 10:7-8   here’s a Robby Dawkins voice interview, Do What Jesus Did, 45 minutes…..





oh, how home videos are changing……..all the lonely people


Dave got a call from Alex last week, since Alex prayed for his sister in law at Christmas and her leg grew out, her back has quit hurting, and she hasn’t had to go to back to the chiropractor for any adjustments; JESUS!!  Now, Alex has seen some video healing testimonies, so he asked his sister in law if he could video her testimony.  She said yes, and he now has his very own, very first, video-healing-testimony; JESUS!!  And while we’re on Alex; he and his buddy were at a Parks and Rec BB game and someone walked by with a cast on their arm.  Alex asks his buddy if he thinks he ought to offer to pray for the guy.  His friend says; if you’re thinking it you should probably do it….. Out of the mouths of spiritual babes…


Pay attention here… If you thought it, then maybe HE is tryin’ to tell you somethin’.  Kinda reminds me of a scene out of the “Color Purple” where the bar empties out and the wayward daughter is headed toward the church singin’ “the Lord must be tryin’ to tell you somethin’”.  It’s not about you, GET PAST YOURSELF, step across the chicken line.  You are not going to exercise your faith without RISK!!  What do you have to lose?  Read Romans 6, you’re already dead, TRY IT!!  Alex sees the guy again, stops him, asks what happened, asks to pray, ok, Alex prays, and is so excited the guy let him pray that he forgets to ask if he feels any different.  That’s OK.  It’s a matter of practice and conditioning oneself to check and see if anything has changed physically or spiritually.  Hearing and doing is a learning process for all of us. 


On Tuesday I was in the water aisle at Wal-Mart when a lady on a motorized cart pulls up next to me and comments about all the different kinds of water they have.  I agreed and said my wife uses the distilled in her machine.  Then I couldn’t help myself; I had to ask why the cart.  It turns out she had a stroke and it messed up her balance and vision.  I had to ask to pray, and she said please do.  I prayed then she said she would pray for my wife to “get off the machine”.   I had to clarify she wasn’t “on a machine”, it was her “coffee” machine!!   I told her it was nice of her to offer to pray (Teri told me later I should have let her pray), blessed her, checked out, and headed to my car.  I get to my car and there is a guy leaning against his car smoking a cigarette.  He comments about the weather, and another conversation ensues.  I just kinda let it go as I was curious how this was going to shake out.  After 15 minutes or so he had told me a good part of his life story, and I’m thinkin’ “ok Lord what do I do with this?”  So what the heck, here comes the question; “do you have any pain in your body?  back, knees….”  He was pretty good except one knee.  “Left” I ask?  He says yes.  I ask if I can pray.  Yes.  Can I put my hand on your knee?  Sure (after all, by now we’ve known each other for 15 minutes).  I prayed (pain leave in Jesus name).  He says “sweet”, the pains gone.  I pray a blessing over him and we part ways.


I’ve thought a lot about those two people at Wal-Mart.  It felt like they just wanted to talk to somebody.  Thursday at the Healing Rooms we had several people come in that seemed like they were in the same situation; they just needed someone to talk to and to pray with.  There is a real need to have connections, fellowship.  However you want to say it, people need contact.  It’s all a reminder to me that we need to connect with people as we go, at church, or in small groups, or wherever.  Think about that when you have that “should I pray for them?” thought.   If you’re thinking it you should probably do it…..


As you go, Matt. 10:7-8





Just because you don’t see it or hear about it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening….


Several weeks ago I was invited to Starbucks to have coffee with Moe and Dave.  Dave had just picked up Moe from the hospital where he had a visit due to a post surgical blood clot.  Moe told us about having a conversation with, and subsequently praying for his young doctor.  A pretty good illustration of “open for business” or “as you go”, no matter the circumstances.  We finished our coffee and we’re getting up to leave (so I thought) when Moe says “come over here with me”.  Dutifully I move with him to the table in the corner.  Moe tells the young man sitting there that he felt he was supposed to pray for someone who needed a job, “is that you”.  The young man says yes, we pray, and Moe has some words of encouragement.  As Moe and I pray I can see Dave out of the corner of my eye.  He had kinda become the third wheel (tight quarters), standing back behind us.  He stands there for a moment as if he's not sure what he wants to do next then he fishes a piece of paper out of his pocket (yes a treasure map) and heads across the room.  There are two ladies there and he proceeds to engage them.  Moe finishes with the young man, and I figure we’re done, nope; he moves to the next table and has a word for two ladies about their kids.  At that point they’re out of customers to pray for and I’m no help so I sally forth into the cold.


 Michael is in his early 20’s.  He was raised as a Christian and is attending a bible college.  Alex is in his 30’s, and has been a Christian less than a year.  Mike is in his 50’s has been a Christian for 25 years plus.  Michael is on line looking at the Last Reformation website and he sees there is a guy in Kennewick that “kick starts” people.  “Kick Starting” is going out on the streets praying for people.  Michael and a friend drive two plus hours to Kennewick to get “kick started” on a treasure hunt and experience their first healing.  It doesn’t stop there; he goes home and starts telling his friends and going out on his own.  Alex is at family Christmas gathering and prays for his sister-in-laws leg to grow out, it does and the family faith level ratchets upwards.  Mike is having a friend tune his car.  The friend’s wife has back pain.  Mike prays for her and the back pain goes away.  In all his years as a Christian this is the first time he has seen healing through his own hands. 


The common thread is that all three of these men had an encounter and experienced the POWER of the Gospel; 1 Corinthians 4:20, that propelled each of them to step out on their own and pray for people; I’d like to say they were all “davidized”.   Michael made contact with Dave through the internet, went Treasure Hunting for the first time, and experienced healing through his hands.   Alex was found by Dave limping through Wal-Mart; a chance encounter led to healing, mentoring, and activation.  Mike has been going out and filming outreaches with Dave for several years (and they’ve known each other for over 25 years).  All those outreaches and encounters reached critical mass when Mike prayed for his friend’s wife.  Three different people, different age groups, different backgrounds, one common thread; they encountered someone who was “open for business”. 




There is stuff happening but you have to look for it……….Check out the links at the end.


As you go in 2016, bring the PRESCENCE, WITH POWER, Matt. 10:7-8


Not going to see this stuff on NBC, CBS, ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, or FOX


Todd White; Who do you pray for?


Last Reformation; Healing the Sick


Todd White


Last Reformation; Miracles in Holland


Pete Cabrera; Any Believer can do this…



Tom Loud





this would never happen in the men’s bathroom, evangelizing, celebrate the success of others…………


I couldn’t help but notice the three girls at the end our row (Teri, Julie, Teresa) were “missing” forrevveer at the start of Sunday’s service.  Eventually they showed up but I didn’t hear the “why” they were missing until that evening.  It started with plans for our annual “Dec. 6 Navy Seal Miracle at Wal-Mart Treasure Hunt” (6 years running) on Sunday afternoon.  Teri had made out a map before church.  After worship she runs into Brandy as they were checking out of the ladies room.  Brandy has a touch of purple in her hair and is wearing purple; both are clues on Teri’s map.  Teri asks Brandy if she needs prayer for anything and Brandy says yes, there are a few things…  At that point Julie is also leaving so Teri enlists her to pray too.  Teresa had been in there too, left, but comes back, because, as she walked out, she gets a prophetic word for Brandy.  So the girls were all missing because Brandy was the treasure and they were praying for her, in the ladies room.  That does not happen in the men’s room folks.  You maybe treasure, but it will be OUTSIDE the restroom.  According to J.R. there is an unwritten law that the men’s room is a non contact zone.  Unless, I suppose, there‘s a coronary arrest, then you can drag them into the hall, pray, do CPR……


As amused as I am about the girls praying in the women’s bathroom, it’s the impetus of what got them there that I want to focus on; somewhere along the line in Terri’s journey with Jesus she had an encounter with HIM that that pushed her past her own self to a point where she wants to share the power (1 Corinth 4:20) of the gospel.  One of the tools she has uses is the Treasure Map.  Brandy got blessed in the ladies room because of a Treasure Map.  The encounters from that map didn’t stop there…..when we were on the prayer team a lady came up, and as she described her condition, Terri says as she was praying and filling out her Treasure Map she wrote down clues (clues=Words of Knowledge) that matched what the lady was describing.  Later the same day, Terri found a young lady in Wal-Mart with level three back pain that all went away, because of that same Treasure Map.  And she’s not done with that Treasure Map.  There will be more GOD encounters as she looks for and finds the rest of her clues (Words of Knowledge).  People will be healed and blessed. 


Bethel Redding “School of Supernatural Ministry” has two to three thousand students attending every year from all over the US, and the world.  I have heard that all first year students are required to participate in Treasure Hunting.  That’s at least a thousand people out there Treasure Hunting, and they are undoubtedly going to find some people multiple times.  We were walking into the mall in Redding 3 or 4 years ago and stopped an older lady who was on our Treasure Map.  The lady says “I was hoping someone would find me today”.  That really touched something inside of me.  That lady was hoping someone would “find her” and pray for her.  Who doesn’t want to be Gods Treasure, be healed, or have a blessing prayed over them? 

I would say over 90% or more of everyone we approach will at least allow us to pray a blessing over them.


On Sunday, December 6th, people got blessed because five treasure hunters descended on Wal-Mart.  Would that have happened using any other tool?  Sure, although when you have “clues” written down and they’re a match for someone you approach, a lot of walls come down and a lot of doors get opened.  But it’s whatever God has you do.  Our friend from Prosser, Saul, has a lot of success stopping people that God “highlights” (stand out) to him.  His cohort James looks for anybody who limps or has a brace or a cane (like the 88 year old man with a cane that sincerely thanked us for praying for him, and he felt better too!!)…..Bud and Steph have used “prayer walking” in the park; they just stop people and ask if they need prayer.  Moe does the “Moe thing”; he gets a word and goes up to people, asks them if such and such is going on, and then tells them he needs to pray for them (that’ll get your attention!!).  Rick does the “Rick thing”; he looks at people, sees that they’re somehow off kilter (out of alignment), and tells them that God can fix that (that’ll blow you out of your comfort zone!!).  All these people have had a “Jesus moment” that changed them.  Now they are using the tools that work for them, that bless others, and further the gospel.  What tools are going to work for you?  Ask HIM to show you. 


Ask HIM to show you, AND, celebrate what others are doing and their success; whether it be the Saul’s, the James’s, the Moe’s, the Rick’s, or the treasure hunters….. Pray for more success for them, for their boldness and gifting, honor what they’re doing, and desire their gifts.  HAVE THEM PRAY FOR YOU; for their gifting, that you will do what they do, and MORE.   You’ve got to know there’s always MORE! 


Come Holy Spirit!!  As you go, Matt. 10:7-8 




Someone wearing Pink in a wheelchair, “if it tries to come back” and a touch of Graham Cooke


Last Saturday morning Mrs. Hays informed me we were going shopping.  Yes maam.  And, we decided to take our treasure maps with us just in case……We hit all the shopping spots and as we’re headed back from Richland Terri says she added something to her Treasure Map; someone dressed in pink in a wheel chair.  I learned a long time ago not to give her grief about wild and crazy clues (ask me about the “flying pigs” sometime), so I just said OK.  We decided to stop at ShopKo and just do a walk through.  We walk through the store to the very back where the aisles are quite narrow and turn right into a lady wearing pink on a motorized cart.  Terri leans back and says”is that pink?”  Yes dear.  “It's not orange”?  No, it’s pink. So she gets in front of the lady and says excuse me, points at her pants, and says “is that pink?”  Yes.  So now Terri explains her treasure map and that she prays for people and asks the lady if she needs prayer.  The ladies first request is for her husband who has cancer and we pray for him.  Then she says she has arthritis in her knees (hence the cart) and Terri has arthritis on her map.  Terri asks to pray and the lady lets her.  Terri asks if she can feel any difference.  The lady says she can’t tell unless she stands.  And darned if she doesn’t do just that.  She says she doesn’t feel any change.  But we pray again as she’s standing and she says it’s all gone!  We tell her to speak to it and tell it to get out if it tries to come back, bless her, and head out.


About that “if it tries to come back”.  James 4:7 b “resist the devil and he will flee.  There’s something to be said about speaking to the condition when there’s been healing and the affliction tries to come back.  We’ve been endeavoring to tell people that experience healing, tell whatever tries to come back to go, it doesn’t belong; GET OUT, in Jesus name, and don’t come back.  It may sound silly but we have testimonies of people doing exactly that when the affliction tried to return, and haven’t lost their healing.  We’ve also been talking to people about giving thanks for even the slightest improvement.  Whether it’s over time, instantaneous, or those “and suddenly” moments when you’re doing stuff and realize hey, it doesn’t hurt anymore, however it happens, give praise and thanks to God for every bit of improvement. 


Going down the path of Get OUT and lost their healing, I’m sure there are Christians who lose their healing because of an identity problem; they don’t know their authority or standing with the Father.  When Dave went to Pete Cabrera’s Healing school they spent the week hammering identity, not healing.  Then they went out and prayed for people.  If we don’t know who we are how can we be effective?  The devil, the accuser, likes to tell us we aren’t worthy; reminding us of all the stupid stuff we’ve done, and that we don’t deserve healing or the blessings of our Heavenly Father.  Just because you’ve been a cheese ball one day doesn’t mean God isn’t going to love you the next day.  I think of my son coming over one morning and I ask him how long it’s been since his last oil change (way to long!).  I tell him he knows better, he acknowledges he should have done it sooner, end of discussion.  Later the same day he calls and asks if I would come help him.  No problem, glad to help.  And so it is with our heavenly father; he knows we’re going to do things wrong, but we’re growing and He’s there to help when we call on Him.  It’s about our identity as sons and daughters.


Several years ago a young woman with chronic migraines came into the pain clinic where Terri works.   It was too soon for her medication refill and the Dr couldn’t see her, so she is in tears, having a meltdown in the office.  Terri asks if she can pray for her.  The woman says yes.  Terri says take off your (dark) sun glasses and look at me.  Terri looks straight into her eyes, tells the headache to go, and it does.  The woman goes from meltdown to giddy.  Her mom is with her and is stunned; she has Terri pray for her too.  They go home and the young woman tells her dad (a nuclear engineer) what happened, he tells her it’s just “mind over matter”, and the migraine comes back.    You need to know who you are in Jesus.


Check out; 


Having said all the above about “schooling” those we pray for……..Alex’s mom comes to his house and she’s tweaked her back, she’s in a lot of pain.  His 11 year old son Phillip prays for her, the pain goes down, he prays again, it’s gone.  No coaching on if it comes back, our inheritance, losing your healing, who we are in Christ, it’s just gone.  No rules, no formulas, just suggestions, and ask Holy Spirit for a little help here....




As you go, Matt. 10:7-8   

Luis Sanchez Turkey giveaway, Blue Light Special Aisle 1


Last Saturday Dave was invited to man the prayer tent at Luis Sanchez’s annual turkey giveaway.  I must have acted interested when Dave told me about it because he invited me to join him.  And I did want to go, I have found over the last five years if someone opens the door for me to pray I need to go for it, you just never know…….It’s a balmy 22 degrees and we’re standing there freezing under the canopy when a young woman comes up and asks how this give away works.  I explain in 30 words or less and then the always subtle Dave asks “do you have any pain in your body”?  She says she doesn’t but her husband was in a car wreck and has long term issues.  Dave asks if he’s here.  He’s in the car.  Then Mr. Subtle says “go get him and God will heal him”.  Lets stop right here.  Both of us made the decision to be available, Dave made a declaration, we don’t know what this is going to look like, how messed up this guy is, but it doesn’t make any difference, we made the choice to act upon our faith, (JESUS!!).  She’s gone for a few minutes and brings him to us; of course she doesn’t tell him why he had to come with her.  We talk for a minute; yup, car wreck, messed up neck, but it’s the back that really bothers him.  Check out the guy wearing fatigues in the second part of this video;


What happened?  I was ok with just answering the ladies questions.  But Dave asked the question; do you have pain?  Then, by faith, he climbed out on a limb and made a declaration that God was here to heal.  No words of knowledge, nothing prophetic, no treasure maps, neither one of us felt “anointed” (I’ve been fighting a sinus infection and felt cruddy), we’re here and HE is able.  Get a hold of that.  If you’re a CHRISTian HE is with you and HE is able, take a step of faith  I prayed for the guy three times (I’m sure Dave wanted to but it was his camera); initially about 10 seconds and some of the pain left, then 20 seconds and all the pain left, then 30 seconds and the stiffness left.  During the “thirty seconds” I also spoke some words of encouragement for the long haul.  Also, between minute -2:30 and -1:30 (approx) on the video, while Dave is talking, a woman walks up out of the view of the camera, and asks for prayer.  Turns out it is Luis’s step mom and she has level 8 back pain.  I pray for maybe 10 seconds, the pain is gone, she says thank you, and heads over to tell her husband what just happened.  All in about a minute.

Last Tuesday I go into Freddie’s and the notice they’re getting all the socks out for the Black Friday “two for one” sale.  On Wed I go back and almost all the socks are out and I see the gal doing the work is walking with a limp.  As I pass by I stop and note how much progress she’s made, and then, after she responds, I say “your limping, what’s up”.  Turns out she injured herself exercising.  I ask if I can pray, she bows her head (I love that); I point at the knee and command the pain to go in Jesus name.  I ask her to check it.  She moves around and says it doesn’t hurt.  Then I say really check it, walk on it.  She walks down to the end of the sock display.  No limp.  She says it’s a little stiff or a little sore, I don’t remember which one, I point and command it to go in Jesus name and it does.  She’s good.  Then I tell her if the pain should try to come back treat it like a stray dog you want out of your yard; “get out of here in Jesus name”.  I caught a glimpse of her on Thursday morning and she was moving fast with no limp. J


A thought about prayer for healing; I don’t know any formulas or any successful healing prayers.  I tend to follow the Jon G Lake/Bill Johnson model; find out what the problem is in as few words as possible, if they’re in pain what level is it on a 1-10 scale, pray with authority (don’t ask for them to be healed, don’t beg God to heal them, he told you to do it), keep it short, don’t pray past the miracle.  Sometimes I just touch the person and have them check it.  Sometimes I ask Holy Spirit to come.  If I pray several times and it keeps getting better I keep praying and thanking Jesus for what he’s doing.  If its pain I tell it to get out in Jesus name.  If the pain moves tell I that spirit of infirmity to get out in Jesus name.  You are a disciple, you have the authority, you are commissioned; get ‘er done.  It’s all about Jesus… pray in confidence, always share your testimony……


JESUS!!!  As we go!!   Matt 10:7-8




It’s a MIRACLE, arguing with God, cutting a deal with God, bathtub baptism


Last Saturday I had the privilege to talk a little with Pastor James from All Nations Church in Kenya.  He said, while he was in the states, he hoped to raise $6K towards the $17K needed to finish the plumbing in the conference center they’ve been building for the last four years.  He said if he can show his financially challenged congregation they have a good start on this phase of the project he thinks they will really get behind the effort and contribute the rest.  Anyhow, a $6 grand head start is a big deal.  On Sunday Pastor James spoke at CFC and Pastor Jon took an offering afterwards.  Heladio and I had, along with Pastor Candy had the task of counting the offering; $8,097.46.  Pastor James was blown away; it was a miracle for sure.  And that wasn’t the end of it; the next day late donations boosted the offering to $10K!! 


So while we’re taking care of the offering Heladio says something like “I had something last week….”then he stops…”no I can’t tell you, the first thing you know (you’ll be telling everybody).  Me?  Seriously?  My response was, hey buddy, you tell me something and it ends right here.   So he tells me it was a really rough week and towards the end of it he’s making a delivery and the store owner is late.  He’s not real happy.   Then he notices the owner is nursing a bad back; walk a few steps, grab the back, walk a few more, grab the back, but he’s not even going to offer to pray.  Something like; no way God!  Don’t ask!  I’m not praying!  But finally God wins (oh duh) and Heladio asks if he can pray.  The person leans over and grabs the counter like their getting frisked….Heladio prays, the person feels heat and feels better!  Then, and you know God’s doing something when this happens, the person asks him to move his hand over a little.  Yah that’s the spot.  The person asks Heladio if he goes to church, he says it’s Jesus, and then a customer comes in so he doesn’t get to share the gospel.  But, a seed is planted, another waters, another harvests. 1 Corinthians 3:6


But it doesn’t end there, it’s a family affair.  After being part of growing out a leg on Monday, Brandie (Mrs. Heladio) prays for her brother’s girlfriend to be baptized with the Holy Sprit on Tuesday, and then makes out her first treasure map.  She takes the map to the store and sure enough finds someone in the parking lot with all her clues.  Problem is “someone” is a big unfriendly sort of a guy.  So she fails to “cross the line of chicken” and goes into the store.  All the time she’s in the store she is having the “ok Lord, if he’s still there when I go out I’ll talk to him” conversation with God.  When she goes outside he’s still there, God wins again!  She approaches the guy and tells him he’s on her treasure map (in so many words) and asks if she can pray for him.  He says NO!  She goes back to her car and starts laughing!!  She did it!  She crossed the line of chicken!!  She didn’t get upset about being turned down and she didn’t take it personal, she had heard testimonies of other people getting turned down, it happens.  A seed was planted and the Lord says “well done” (Matt 25:21)!! 


A week ago Monday we prayed for Henry and Julie who were going east to attend a wedding for one of Henrys cousins.  Henry had several family members on his heart that he wanted to share The Good News with.  I’m not sure I can do the whole story justice but it turned into a weekend of divine appointments.  He and Julie kept getting setup with a nephew and a cousin and finally led the nephew to the Lord.  Then, not wanting to leave any loose ends, they baptized him in the family’s bathtub at 1 in the morning.  They didn’t get to bed until 2am had to be up at 3am to go catch their flight.  This is a great example of praying into a situation before you go and then Holy Spirit being there at every turn.


Stuff to ponder; 1 what’s the biggest miracle, or better yet, what do you suppose most Christians would have faith for? A. a small church raising $10K for a church in Kenya, or B. Healing someone’s back on a delivery route at 5am?  2. Pastor James made a comment that went something like this; it’s interesting people in America plan “financially for retirement”, while people in the Kenya, who know they will never have a financial retirement, plan spiritually for “THE final retirement”.         


JESUS!!!  As we go!!   Matt 10:7-8,


oh, and just so yah know, I did get permission from Heladio and Brandie to share their testimonies :) …..




What’s that sound?  It’s the Kingdom expanding…

The Kingdom is like the universe; always expanding……but to know it and be part of it we have to hear THE GOOD NEWS of how it’s expanding, i.e.; we have to hear and share the testimonies……and if we don’t hear the testimonies and share them, then we wind up like Judges 2:10…..

At Monday’s home group Rick shared how he had prayed for a friends thumb in Vancouver, no change.  He headed home, and on the way gets a call; the thumb “popped” and all the pain left.  Bud shared that several weeks ago, after we had a fire tunnel, he noticed his shoulder had stopped hurting at night, it still snaps crackles and pops, but doesn’t hurt.  People have been healed in Fire Tunnels before, and Bud thinks that’s what happened here.  He also shared about praying for a guy at work that had a head and shoulder injury and all the pain left.  He was talking to the guy afterwards, and the guy tells him all the pain just left his knee.  As they were talking mind you, and the knee wasn’t even on Bud’s radar for prayer (it's your "presence" Lord).  Or, how about Steph flying under the radar and telling someone she practices “Prince of Peace Therapy”.  That just wrecks me every time I say it.  Thank you Jesus, you are the Prince of Peace.  And how about this one; Henry goes with a friend to help him secure some money and a place to stay for a woman and her daughter who are destitute.  He knows this is a temporary fix, and really wants to share what really changes lives, the gospel.  He and his friend get the opportunity to share and it’s really good.  Pay attention to this; Yvonne, a lady that Dave and Julie prayed for, shared her testimony about being healed.  She had multiple injuries healed, and before Dave and Julie left her they told her, that, if the pain tries to return, take authority and tell it to go.  She said that’s exactly what happened; it tried to come back, she took authority, and it left.  She said she never realized she had the authority.  You’ve got authority!!  Use it!!

On Thursday Dave went to Alex’s house to visit with Alex and his sister.  A friend of Alex’s shows up as well and it all makes for some pretty interesting dynamics.  For starters it’s “why we go”.  Alex is inviting Dave into his sphere of influence; it’s a whole lot different than Dave’s Christian sphere of influence.  During the course of conversation Dave asked Alex’s friend if he has back pain (he’s actually on Dave’s Treasure map).  Turns out about 15 years worth.  Dave throws Alex under the bus and has him pray.  The guy’s leg grows out; he’s able to touch his toes, and all his back pain leaves.  Then the young man tells Dave he had been prayed for once at his mom’s church and had felt “heat”.  Dave explained that heat is often a sign of healing and about the believer’s authority (if it tries to come back tell it to go!).  Then he did the “hand prayer” on all three, and they all felt something.  It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds…...

Last Saturday Terri had a pain in her shoulder that developed into a nasty migraine that, despite all my prayers, kept her from going to church Sunday.  After the service, and during prayer time, I went and told Pastor Jon I would like to pray for people with bad shoulders.  He gets on the mike and says we have a word of knowledge about healing shoulders, if you got a bad shoulder come on down.  Well it wasn’t really a Word of Knowledge; it was more about righteous indignation and wanting to kick some devil butt.  This is what Dave has been doing since Julie was diagnosed with cancer; praying for everyone he can; fighting back.  That’s a Robbie Dawkins strategy; Being attacked?  Counter attack!  Oh, and the first guy to the front had his shoulder pain leave in about 20 seconds……, thank you Jesus, shoulder mania continues….

And there is more.  The Kingdom, is like the universe; always expanding……A while back I got a text from Danae asking if I knew anyone who would be willing to hand out Creation Fest flyers at the Third Day concert.  That was in October, Creation Fest is in August…let’s see that’s about 10 months away…Last week Tracy calls Dave and says they’re having the first Convoy of Hope meeting this month, and that’s about 9 months out…the groundwork is being laid for two awesome local events.  2016 is going to be one for the books…

The Kingdom is expanding, be part of the expansion process, do what Jesus did; Acts 10:38

JESUS!!!  As we go!!  Matt 10:7-8





Hot Tub Baptism....Honour a Prophet…All You Need is Love….Freezing at Flat Top


Monday Colby’s Home Group had their first hot tub baptismal at the Pool of Barness for Alex, his wife Alicia, their two kids, and his mom!!  Two exclamation points don’t begin to do it justice; it was a party complete with a JESUS!! cake and everyone praying and getting a word for each individual of the family.  Certainly not the somber event I participated in when I was 12, yeehaw!!   Of all the miracles we see none is greater than seeing a life transformed by salvation, and this was even cooler because it was almost the entire family.  What’s interesting is that this transformation didn’t start with the spoken word, it was a direct result of a display of the POWER (1Corinthians 4:20) and the tangible presence of God through healing that started when Dave saw Alex nursing a sore back  in Wal-Mart, not in church.   This is not minimizing the spoken word, if you’ve have never been touched by the word, or felt like the word being spoken in a service was directly to you, or had it pierce your heart, you may need to check yourself.  Conversely, I’ve drug my friends (I didn’t drug them, honest, they didn’t need my help to do that) to hear good evangelists and not seen the fruit, although I believe seeds were planted..  I’m just sayin’ I wonder if they had felt the Power of the Gospel if it would have made a difference…. just sayin’…..


Speaking of Power, evangelists, and the spoken word, last Friday CFC hosted a prophet/evangelist that was brought to the tri Cities by the Bridge, Richland.  I haven’t really talked specifics with people that attended but have heard through testimonies that people came away with words that spoke directly to them (me included).  At the end of the service prayer teams were provided.  Our team prayed for a lady that had shoulder and back pain; it all left.  Pretty cool.  We also had a lady who had back and foot pain and none of it left.  Not so cool.  If I ever figure out how it all works I’d be more than happy to share.  I just know that if we hadn’t been there, and we hadn’t prayed, no one would be better off…..  Actually, there were a lot of people better off.  I didn’t know ‘til later, but there were a bunch of shoulders healed Friday night.  Like shoulder mania?  I specifically remember saying recently to be on the lookout for shoulders….musta been prophetic?  Glad I went to hear the prophet, after all; Matthew 10:41


On Thursday afternoon Terri and I dropped off grandson #3 for guitar lessons and decided we would cruise the antique stores until his lesson was over.  At the first store a lady came in while we were talking to the owner and was complaining about her back.  I couldn’t help myself (hey she complained) and asked if I could pray for her.  She said, you know, I’m good.  Now here’s a great example of what not to do; Mr. Carnal steps up and says “you’re good having a sore back?  Or you’re good with me praying for you?”  Bad response!  Slap me Lord!  No Love no Dove!  Just a “well, Bless you, and I hope you feel better”, or a look in the eyes and a “Jesus loves you, be blessed”, would have been a display of the Fathers love, not my lipiness, forgive me Lord!!  Come Holy Spirit keep my flesh in check!!  The next store we go into the lady has a “Snidely Whiplash” mustache (any Dudley Doright fan knows what this looks like) drawn on her lip, just like Terri had on her treasure map.  Terri strikes up a conversation and asks if she could pray a blessing over her.  When all is said and done the lady is all watery eyed and thanking her.  Got the love and the dove….and read this book by Robbie Dawkins;


West Richland had their annual Veterans Day parade today and Dave, Bud and Steph from Bethel Richland, and Henry and Julie from KFC ( I think they have actually changed the name but I still like KFC) did a little Treasure Hunting at Flat Top Park after the parade.  They prayed for a lady with bad knees that hurt and popped.  After they prayed the knees popped one last time and didn’t pop or hurt anymore.  Then they had the lady tell her friend what happened (because she now had a testimony) and her friend let them pray for her.  The friend didn’t have pain; she had a sore thigh muscle from working out.  They pointed at the area that was sore, commanded the soreness to go, and it left, they didn’t touch her.  I’ve heard several times in the last few weeks about popping joints that “pop” one more time after prayer then they’re good.  You’ve got the testimony, it’s yours to use…


and Jesus commissioned you to do the stuff; John 20:21..….


JESUS!!!  As we go!!   Matt 10:7-8 





the possibilities…she has a cane….SHIFT ON


When do you know that there has been a shift in your thinking?  It’s when you start thinking about the possibilities…….dreaming, or day dreaming about people getting touched, healed, delivered, saved….It’s looking at someone that needs a touch from Jesus and the what if…… what if I pray for that person who’s standing in front me telling me they hurt and they get healed?   Or the, what if I pray for that person with the cane and they get healed and don’t need a cane……..Or?


Ok, that’s all cool.  But what gets you to the “what if”?  There has to be tweak, or shift, or whatever you want to call it that causes you to look at a situation and think, if I pray, Gods going to show up and do something cool. 


Julie is nearing the end of her chemo treatments.  Two weeks ago she went in for her yearly physical and got a bad mammogram.  Ok, raise your hand if you know it’s not good news if you’re going through cancer treatment and the doctors say they think they just found more.  That’s right, it’s not good news.  So, the first order of business was more prayer.  And more prayer and testimonies from people who have gone through the same thing and know to call a lying spirit a lying spirit.  That’s all good, but there are those little nuisance doubts that keep trying to attach themselves.  And you have to keep flicking them off until you have a Jesus epiphany that makes you like Teflon.  I think Julies came a week ago during prayer time at the home group in the form of Bobby McFerrin’s “don’t worry, be happy” (kinda sounds biblical?).  Last Thursday she got good news; it was just a benign cyst, to say she was overjoyed is probably minimalizing how she felt.  On her way home from the doctor’s office she sees a guy in a wheel chair, no coat, no socks, one shoe off, named “lucky”, waiting for the bus.  Ok, his name wasn’t really lucky, it just reminded me of the one eyed three legged dog…..never mind…..Anyhow, she goes home, gets socks, a coat, makes a sandwich for the guy, grabs her husband, and heads back, but he’s gone.  But the intent was there.  She was in such a state of gratefulness that she wanted to put herself out there to help someone; it just didn’t happen, just yet.


Later they go for a walk, and normally she just wants to walk and go home, doesn’t want to talk to anyone, just walk and go home.  But something’s happened to her; the tweak, the shift…..As they are walking in the area by the library she sees someone, and says to Dave “she has a cane”.  As they get closer Dave sees the lady is wearing the colors on his treasure map.  They engage the lady, she is a Christian.  She has pain in her ovaries, Julie points and prays and the pain leaves.  She has back pain and a short leg.  The back pain goes and the leg grows.  When it’s all over the lady walks away carrying her cane; all her pain is gone.  They got an email from her several days later, still no pain, not using the cane, and she wants to buy The Ultimate Treasure Hunt book so she can try this stuff out.  That’s what is supposed to happen; one shift begets another shift.  Odds are that lady will now be pondering “the possibilities”.  What if she finds someone and they get touched or healed….shift on!!


And speaking of shift, or shifting gears; at Colby’s home group last week Bud and Steph said that they hadn’t been prayer walking in the park as of late, but did have a shoulder healed in Church.  Someone was telling them about their bad shoulder, there was an offer to pray; shoulder healed (thank you Lord for the complaints).  Fast forward to this last Sunday, a lady comes forward to Teri and I for prayer at the end of the service for, that’s right, a bad shoulder, we prayed, shoulder healed, complete with “the look”.   Are there patterns here?  Maybe.  Be looking for a shoulder to pray for, and someone with a cane.  You’ve got the testimonies, and Jesus commissioned you to do the stuff; John 20:21..….




As we go!!   Matt 10:7-8


Be blessed…..   





Psalm 22: (NLT) 22 I will proclaim your name to my brothers and sisters.[a] I will praise you among your assembled people. 


Saturday was a “God stuff” day; Church enhancement, treasure hunt, and send off for Healing Room directors Bill and Mary as they relocate for a new Jesus adventure.  


During the church enhancement Marilyn was telling me about watching a certain church leader tell how a significant part of their staff meetings consist of God stories and testimonies.  What was key here is that when she was talking about the stories and testimonies, she said “I get it”.  That’s funny, last week I was listening to CD’s on healing and noticed how the stories and testimonies were a major part of the content.  “I get it” too.  It’s the stories of “normal” Christians doing the stuff that stirs us up and brings us to the tipping point; “if God did that through (someone’s name here) HE can do that through me.  Or, hey, I heard someone say they prayed for a back to get healed and it did.  Now I’m standing here and this person is telling me their back hurts, let’s just try this......let me pray for you……pain leave in Jesus name….chk it…


So, stories/testimonies of “normal” Christians over the tipping point……..


I got this text last week after prayer time at church from Dan; “Hi Roger, we prayed for a man with hernia pain, scheduled for evaluation Tuesday for a future surgery.  Pain went from a 6 to a 2, and he said now I can go do some yard work I have been unable to do.”  We’ll take improvement.  Yes we want 100%, but when we see any improvement we know God is doing something……and for some reason unknown to us, sometimes it’s the immediate need that gets blessed, not exactly the healing we are praying for…..


Alex, a young man David has been discipling, was on a heavy diet of Todd White You Tube videos when his mom came over with stomach pain.  Watching a lot of Todd White and then encountering someone who needs a touch from God is like reaching critical mass.  Alex asked his mom if he could pray for her, to both of their surprise all her pain left.  This is only the second time he has prayed for someone to be healed. 


Saturday a couple of the Prosser boys, James and Jesse met Dave at the Pasco flea market and Terri and I joined them as well.  One thing I noticed is that there are relationships developing with some of the vendors.  Where we ate lunch, the mama had been prayed for and had her feet healed a month or so ago.  When she was asked how she was doing she told Jesse (in Spanish) she was having a foot problem.  The first thought was “oh no the problem had come back”, but she said no, that was good, this is a new injury; she had twisted her ankle.  They prayed; pain gone.  Then it was her husband with back pain and that went.   After that it was the oldest boy with a sore back and neck and that went too.   Thank you Jesus. 


We stopped a young couple that both Dave and I had identical clues for on our treasure maps; the young man had been having abdominal pain for two days.  We prayed once and it was better.  Then we walked his girlfriend through the prayer with us and it went completely away.  He was pretty happy!


My favorite encounter of the day; While Terri is praying for a lady in one booth, Jesse, who is standing out by the path close to me, looks over across the path at this other booth and says, “that guy has crutches!!”  It was like somebody hit the trigger on the starting gun.  He’s over there in a flash talking to this old guy in Spanish.  It turns out the guys kidneys are failing, the doctors don’t know what’s causing the problem, and he’s got a lot of pain in his feet.  Jesse prays for the feet, the guy feels tingling in his feet, and he says it feels like there are ants going up and down his legs.   Ants, that’s a new one.  But hey, it’s a plus when there is a tangible reaction; heat, tingling, pulsating, ants, whatever.  You know God is doing something inside that body.   We won’t know exactly the full affect of what happened with the ants until next time we go…..


As we go!!   Matt 10:7-8


Be blessed…..   





We went….two by two, or three, or four…..

The Healing Rooms Kennewick has a new location, across the side street from the former location in Kennewick at 8 North Benton.  We met there this last Thursday and split up into teams to do “house calls”.  Brett and Dave’s “house call” was to go to a church and pray for healing at the close of a Thursday evening group.  Before they left we prayed over them and one of the specific prayers was for words of knowledge.  When they got to the meeting they prayed for several people, one was a lady who had been in a car wreck some years ago and had chronic pain.  She said she didn’t believe in healing, but the boys finally talked her into letting them pray.  They prayed two or three times and the pain went down a little.  After about SIX times it went away completely.  Uh oh, you don’t believe in healing but your pain is gone and now you have “the look” J.  After about four healings the guy who invited them says hey, I’ve got pain in my  neck, I’ve had it for years, can you pray for me.  Brett responds by telling Dave to check his legs (for length, short leg).  Dave is saying what the heck does his leg have to do with his neck?  But he checks and sure enough one’s short, so he prays and it grows out, and all the neck pain leaves!!  What the heck?  That makes no sense whatsoever!!  Let me see if it’s in the manual, wait a minute, we don’t have a manual!! 


Friday we got a text from Dave asking if Teri and I would go with him and Alex treasure hunting at a bazaar in South Ridge.  Alex is a brand new believer and Dave wanted to “activate” him.  We didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before we had our first treasure; an older lady with neck pain.  The next treasure was at the front door and while Dave, Alex and Teri talked with this guy I thought I would engage these people doing a fund raiser that were wearing the colors on my treasure map.  The guy was “good”, or no thanks.  The lady was more interesting.  She did not believe in God, but if I wanted to pray, I could pray for her grieving cousin and that her ex-husband would get hit by a car.  Teri tried to talk to her but didn’t do any better.  Sometimes you just say “be blessed, have a great day” and move on.  Yikes!  In the mean time Alex got to pray for a guy with a bad back and all the guys pain left to which Alex responded with  “Really?!!


By the time we were inside it was time for Alex to leave so Teri, Dave, and I, continued on.  Teri and Dave found some ladies at a booth with a bunch of their clues.  The first lady had abdominal pain but again, didn’t believe in God, but at least she didn’t want her ex husband run over.  After a little coaxing she let Dave pray for her and all the pain left.  Another uh oh, you don’t believe but your pain left.  Her partner is next and she has neck pain, but she doesn’t want anyone to touch her, so Dave does the “point and command” and her pain goes away.  In the mean time I had been praying for an older lady across the way and came over just in time to see the second part of this.  I’m watching the second lady examining herself to see if her pain is gone while the first one is sitting there with her lip quivering, almost in tears.  Jesus says “hi”.


When they we’re done I tell Teri that I was praying for this lady in the wheel chair with rheumatoid arthritis and Teri says “I have that on my treasure map” and makes a bee-line for her.  She prays for the lady and asks if she feels anything and the ladies response is “overwhelmed” with tears in her eyes.  Makes me tear up thinking about it.  My next one was another wheel chair and her helper.  We prayed for the helpers shoulder and there was a little change but not much.  The lady in the wheel chair just wanted me to pray for a family member, as she was just using the wheel chair because at 94 she gets tired easy.  Maybe I should have had her pray for me….94?   Meanwhile Dave is praying for a lady with neuropathy that’s at a level 12 on a scale of 1-10.  No change.  Appreciative, but no change.


The “hunt” ended with Dave finding a young man who had hurt himself the night before lifting weights.  All the pain left and then they prayed for his sisters headaches.  They were pretty excited.  As a matter of fact as we were walking out to our car they drove by waving and blessing us.  


There was a lot more, (just like John 21; 25) but I’m trying to keep it short!!        


Be blessed…..    Matt 10:7-8





There is no “junior” Holy Spirit……


Isn’t it interesting how you can ask the same question to two different people and get totally different answers, especially from different age groups?   It’s all about perspective……This was the weekend for the CFC Youth Encounter led by Pastors Kevin and Tracy (and a host of volunteers) for about 20 teens,   When I asked Kevin how it went, he was way pumped about having 8 or 9 kids getting filled with the Holy Spirit on Friday night …..And I had to agree, that is pretty cool.   And then I asked my 15 year old name sake how the encounter went; “good”.  Ok, just good?  What did you like best about the encounter?  “We played Apples to Apples, a lot”.  Ok, what else did you like?  “The food was really good”.  Well, did you like any of the teaching?  “Oh yeah, did I tell you I got filled with the Spirit?”  At which point I looked at Terri and we just smiled at each other.  Good job Kevin and Team Jesus!!


It’s good to be involved with encounters (actually any church activity) even if it’s just helping cook.  You get to know people and build a rapport with them, something a little more in depth than “meet and greet” on Sunday morning.  This time it was an opportunity to participate in a round table discussion about the Holy Spirit.  Actually it was a round couch discussion as there was a big circle of couches in the fellowship hall with kids flopped everywhere.  We went around the circle and got to talk about all kinds of Holy Spirit stuff…..And then Dave pulled out his treasure map (shocking!! ) and started a chain reaction.  He asked all the kids who had any pain in their bodies to stand up.  He prayed for the first one, that person had their pain leave, and that kid prayed for the next one, and so on.  When the dust settled, about a half dozen had all their pain leave and two had it drop significantly; and remember this is kids praying for

 kids.  In addition, one boy had a word of knowledge about the name of a waiter who got healed in Spokane earlier in the week.  The kids liked it, we liked it, and it was time well spent.  


Later on, one of the kids, who couldn’t make it due to a band competition in Spokane, called and asked for prayer for an upset stomach.  When the kids prayed for her all the (stomach) pain left and didn’t come back.  Gotta like that; God heals kidz through kidz over the phone.  There is no junior Holy Spirit.

During the youth testimonies, Roman related a WORD about how they, the youth, are like baby elephants; they’re not a big as the grownup elephants, but they’re really powerful, they just don’t realize how much power they have.  Those of us who went to Kenya really related to that as we went to an elephant rescue park where baby elephants were being raised to be returned to the wild.  It was interesting how the trainers would guide them around with sticks; the baby elephants not realizing they are bigger and stronger than the trainers with their little sticks and that they could take the trainers out in the blink of an eye.  

All the leaders I talked to said the prayer time was great and the kids really brought it (no Junior Holy Spirit?).  Roman and Colby prayed with me and we had two people come up with confirmations on his elephant word.  One of those, Marilyn, showed me a text from her daughter Keirsha; a former CFC youth encounter attendee who’s now going to college at Eastern.   The text read something to this affect; at a meeting (like a campus crusade group) two people told Keirsha they had knee pain (a complaint is an opportunity, thank you Lord).  She asked if she could pray for them and both got healed.  She also prayed for an ankle at it was healed.   Now that’s not verbatim from the text but you get context of what happened.  Keirsha had previously seen people healed here at CFC during encounters and treasure hunting but hadn’t experienced any healing while praying on her own.  So this was her breakthrough.  Thank you Jesus.  Oh that we were doing that at



Thank you Lord our ceiling will become there floor.  We have laid the foundation and another builds upon it, 1 Corinthians 3:10




Be blessed…..    Matt 10:7-8





Be Careful Little Children what you see….God fixes scratches and dents…


When we started greeting years ago I became very aware that I was highly visible, and that people might associate me with the face of the church.  That’s scary!  Me?  Type A personality, Type X manager (Terri says working for me was not fun J), and altar boy is not on my resume. Help me LORD!! My only hope is the continual work of the Holy Spirit keeping me centered and giving me a loving heart.   As Chris Overstreet says; “no love no dove” (If you can’t love, the dove is not going to rest on your shoulder). We are the light of the world, people are looking at us even when we aren’t thinking about what we’re doing.  They see what you’re doing……


We had dinner a week ago Sunday with some friends I used to work with.  One lady was relating to Terri how, several years ago, when a person in the neighborhood was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was really struggling, her next door neighbor lady went around the neighborhood and asked people to join her and her husband in prayer around the sick person’s home.  If you weren’t a believer she asked that at least you have good thoughts towards the home that evening. The lady Terri was talking to was so touched that someone would do that for someone else, she prayed even though she doesn’t consider herself a believer.  The neighbor who organized that prayer is Gail, who co pastors our Tuesday Home group with her husband Greg.  If Gail’s faith and action touched one it touched 10. What you do does not go unnoticed.


This summer at Creation Fest I manned the prayer table at the “Fringe Stage”.  The first full day, Thursday, I prayed for so many people it was crazy. After the “Fringe” closed we moved over to the main stage to watch the show, but we were still on the hook for the alter call before the band started.  The Thursday night concert is the heavy/hard rock stuff, so you get a lot of young’uns. When they had the alter call there was around a 100 people, mostly kids.  I prayed for about a half dozen and when I was done this lady and her daughter walk up to me and say “we were watching you pray for people today at the Fringe, and we would like to pray for you”.  Well sure.  They prayed some good stuff and then they were gone. I wouldn’t know them if they were standing next to me, but they were watching me…..


The world is watching what we do. Lord, help us to be an example of God’s love.


God speaks to us through words of knowledge, and one way to receive a word of knowledge is through “sympathetic pain”. A week ago on Sunday afternoon we stopped at a Sears store in Portland to look for a filter. Turns out it’s a “scratch and dent” store, no filters.  As we're walking through the store Terri says she feels pain in her knee.  Then she says “it's not my pain”.  My response was “it must belong to someone here in the store”. And if by some strange coinkydink there were only the two salespeople visible in the store, no customers.  As we walk towards them I ask if either one has sore knees. The guy, Jim, said his aren’t sore but the woman, Jean, says hers are an 8 (from 1-10).  We tried the "do you want it to leave" approach where we just command the pain to leave and afterwards tell them we're Christians.  But after two times, nothing. Then we told them we were Christians and we practice healing.  We laid hands on her knees  and prayed invoking the name of Jesus and the pain went down a little, but wouldn’t go lower than a 7.  At that point we told her we believe God is always doing something even if we don’t see immediate results.


Then Jim, who’s been watching all this, says he has back pain. We pray for him three times and after each time have him do something he couldn’t do. He's squatting up and down and saying he hasn’t been able to get up and down like this forever; much better! And all the time we're praying for Jim, Jean's still checking her knees.....Then another word of knowledge. I get a thought that we’re supposed to have Jean sit in a chair, and I’m not sure where this is going.  I ask Jean if there is a chair she can sit in, she points and I ask her to sit.  Terri takes over at this point and wants to see if she has a short leg. Jean says yes, she does, but it’s only about a 1/4 inch off. Visually it’s pretty hard to tell but it does appear to be a little off.  Terri prays (commands it to grow), and Jean says she can feel the change in her hip.  Then we have her check it; her back feels better and so does everything else.  She’s much happier!!  We have  time to pray a blessing and then customers are coming in and we leave.


Oh, and I got a text from Dave that said he and John saw two healed at Church that Sunday and a leg grow out.  And I gotta another text with a photo about a healing in Starbucks.




Remember; Physicians practice medicine and Christians practice healing, PRACTICE!!


Be blessed….. Matt 10:7-8  





Testimonies from inside the box and outside the box…..


It almost seems easier to get testimonies from the home groups than from the church.  We actually hear testimonies about what happened inside the church more frequently at home groups.  Maybe it’s the eclectic mix of home groups or that, in a home group, it’s easier to sit and ask, “what did Jesus do this week?”     Let the sharing begin…….


At Colby’s home group, Laura shared about her sister and other extended family members coming to church with her about three weeks ago.  Her sister suffers from chronic back pain and has a short leg.  Laura tells her sister that she needs to go up and get prayed for but the sister says something to the effect that God will heal her where she’s at.  Also, one of the kids from the extended family suffers from allergies.  Laura encourages the parents to take the child forward for prayer.  The parents take the kid up for prayer and Laura gets her sister to come with and pray.  As the sister is walking forward she feels something happen in her leg and tells Laura her leg just grew out and she’s walking “level”.  The child gets prayer and is breathing easier (haven’t heard the long term report on this yet) and another one of the party winds up on the floor; no one prayed for him or touched him, but he’s on the floor.  OK Lord, what was all that?

 I personally believe there is something that happens when we take that step of faith and go forward for prayer, just like going forward for salvation.  It’s like an acknowledgement that Jesus heals, the Holy Spirit is doing something, or God has something you need or want.  Or, maybe going forward can be equated with an act of humility or surrender.  Take that walk!!


Speaking of on the floor….  Last week at the men’s encounter one group of guys prayed for Lesa who had hurt her back lifting a bale of hay.  One of the “newbie’s” going through the encounter, Steve, prayed for her and she goes to the floor.  When she gets up, no more back pain.  At the encounter we prayed for a young man who had neck and shoulder pain.  It took a few times but all the pain left.  It’s funny that Dave had this man’s wife s on his treasure map a month or so ago.  She had neck and shoulder pain from a car accident.  When he prayed for her, her pain left too. 


From the “Healing Rooms; we’re finishing the prayer time before we start time when Brett comes back and says we have a 911situation.  One of our long time associates had brought down a guy whose sons literally had to help/carry him in, he’s in bad shape, he’s dizzy, he’s been treated for cancer and diabetes in the past, and we don’t know what’s going on now, he may need to be in an emergency room.  Moe, Lesa, and Teri are selected to go pray for him (always good to have a nurse on staff) and Dave takes the guys boys aside to just talk to them while the prayer goes on.   After about 20 minutes the guys color returns, he’s walking around, says he feels better and is ready to go on under his own power.  In the mean time Dave has been sharing testimonies with the boys and discovers they have clues from his treasure map.  One of the boys, age 24 (24 was a clue) has bad discs and a short leg.  Jesus grows out another leg and the boy remarks he

 “feels level” (remember Laura’s sister at church?).  Ryan and I pray for a gentleman with back pain and neck and shoulder pain.  The neck shoulder pain goes, the back pain does not.  I’m so used to seeing back pain go I’m surprised when it doesn’t, maybe it did later???  Some healings are progressive….We pray for another lady who had a “treatment” with a machine that vibrated her back and now every time she gets up from lying down her back hurts.  I don’t know how many of us prayed for her but it didn’t go away.  It was almost humorous; we had her lie down on a couch and sit up to test it a bunch of times, “no change”.  We expected it to get better but when it didn’t.  In the end Teri told her “Physicians practice medicine and Healers practice healing” …..  She was amused.


Outside the box…..

We were invited to pray for gentlemen with ALS last week end.  We were there for about an hour, Dave shared some testimonies and we did some praying.  I talked with his son briefly Sunday and he said they saw some improvement in his range of motion on one arm and his hands.  We’ll take any victories we can get.  Small ones become big ones.


Dave went with Henry and Julie, the couple from Kenn 4 sq, and a young man, Bryan age 19, who volunteered to be the interpreter.  Dave found Bryan this spring on a treasure hunt and has some good testimonies about that.  Dave said Julie did most of the praying and they saw four people healed.  Then Dave had Bryan, the interpreter, pray for a guy with back pain.  When all the back pain left they were both surprised!!  Bryan’s response when the guy said his pain was gone; Really!!?? 


Remember; Physicians practice medicine and Christians practice healing,   PRACTICE!!    


Be blessed…..    Matt 10:7-8




Interactive Prayer, try something different…….


I’ve been doing something more frequently that I refer to as “interactive prayer”.  I say “interactive” as is it involves drafting the innocent person that is with the person needing prayer and walking them through what to do, i.e.; having them do the stuff, everybody gets involved.   Nothing fancy, no long complicated prayers just the draftee laying a hand on the person needing prayer (in an appropriate place) and say “pain leave in Jesus name”, or whatever you need to say to speak directly and succinctly to the condition.  It’s a bit like going out with Dave treasure hunting and he gets to the point when he says “ok, it’s your turn to pray”.  He doesn’t usually tell you what to pray, and he doesn’t usually tell you to do it unless you have some background or are a “mature believer” (more than 5 minutes, almost kinda kidding :) )


There are several reasons I’ve been doing this.  One, I feel like I’m supposed to.  Two, it aint me doin’ the stuff (or Benny Hinn, or your pastor), it’s someone’s spouse or friend.  Three, there seems to be this amazing anointing/grace on the person you have doing the stuff.  As cool as it is to pray and see God show up, its cooler when the light comes on for someone else.  To me, it’s more of a God thing than some evangelist knocking people over in a receiving line, or a really great sermon, it’s the rubber meeting the road.  Now, when somebody tells you about doing something cool in the Kingdom, it is perfectly legal to duplicate it, try it out yourself, any way you feel led to do it; have it your way, just do it!  Dave has a young man that he’s been praying for and discipling who’s back is totally jacked up.  A week ago Thursday he goes to the guy’s house and the guy is in pain, again.  Dave has the guys two little kids pray for

 him; “pain leave in Jesus name”.  The pain leaves.  The little girl says her hand feels hot.  Feeling heat is a really good sign that something is going on!  Later she says she felt somebody holding her hand. ‘splain that one Lucy……  Jesus? 


Saturday the boys from Prosser came down to pray for people at the Pasco Flea Market and they brought an “unbelieving believer”.  He could not wrap his head around the fact that you could pray for someone who has no faith, no grid for what you’re doing, and they could be healed, until Dave had him pray for a lady with back pain; just tell the pain to leave.  Both the guy doing the praying and the lady had “the look”.  Now the guy wants to pray for everybody…. Sounds familiar.


Let’s go back to “when somebody tells you about doing something cool in the Kingdom, it is perfectly legal to duplicate it, try it out yourself, any way you feel led to do it; have it your way”.  Sometime ago Dave sees a You Tube video of someone doing something he calls the “hand prayer”.  You have the person you’re praying for hold out their hands, palms up, like you’re going to put something in their hands.  Then you hold your outstretched hands over their hands, palms down, about two inches away from their hands, and pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal himself.  Often the recipient will feel weight or heat, or tingling (unless I’m doing it, then they don’t feel anything, so far).   Our friends Bud and Steph from home group, and Saul, tried out the “hand prayer” (or hand impartation, or whatever you want to call it) at the Convoy of Hope and had really cool experiences.  Last weekend Bud and Steph tried it on a young Lady in the

 park; another good experience. 


Just something to think about………  Moving on…..


In church, Sunday before last, a lady comes forward for prayer; her left heel really hurts.  I pray two or three times and the pain leaves.  A guy comes up and stands by us as we’re finishing and he wants prayer for a friend.  Ok, but first I ask him if he has any pain.  He says his right heel hurts.  I have the lady who just had her heel pain leave point at his heel and say “pain leave in Jesus name”, his pain leaves.  This last Sunday the same lady comes up and says there is still one sore spot she hadn’t noticed before and wants us to pray.  Terri and Cindy pray and it gets better but doesn’t quite go away, until Terri has the lady spread her feet out enough that Terri can kick her heel with her foot (more of a tap actually).  The pain leaves completely.  Terri said she felt that she was supposed to kick her, it worked.  Again, it was more of a tap; if you kick someone you best be sure it’s the Lord, especially if it’s me!!   We don’t

want any fights breaking out!!   


So, I’m asking you to inch a little further out on the limb.  Listen to the Holy Spirit, try something different.  Is it any different than teaching your kids to pray?  They didn’t start with a grid for anything, they learned by watching you impart your faith and the Holy Spirit did the rest, right?  And you know they’ve got it when you see them use it, right?  Two of the older grandsons (the big boys) and I are at 7-11.  They’re getting in the car with their slurpees when this guy walks up with a hand full of money and wants me to give him a ride and he’ll give me the money for gas.  He says it’s really important…. I figure this guy is tweaked out.  I tell him to keep his money have him sit in front with the (big) boys behind him.  It’s only about 8 blocks and on the way he’s telling me about all these relationship problems.  Before he gets out of the car I ask if I can pray for him.  His eyes get kinda wide but he says ok.  I put my hand on his arm and start to pray and I see this big paw come from the back seat and rest on his shoulder. 


“He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think”


try something different………….  Be blessed…..    Matt 10:7-8



08-22-15       Convoy of Hope (and miracles)…..


It was kinda like the Kingdom; the entrance gate was narrow but once you got inside it was wide open; Over 40 churches working together providing free; haircuts, family portraits, shoes for kids, backpacks, lunch, activities for kids, groceries, AND PRAYER……


As this is all about the prayer, let me ‘splain how it worked; Once the people did everything they wanted to do, and if they wanted free groceries, they had to exit through the “Connect” (or prayer) tent staffed by 140 volunteers from 20 churches.  Greeters would walk people in from the exit line to a member of one of the prayer teams standing in a line around the edge of the tent on either side of the entrance.  They would sit the people down with their prayer team, usually two or three volunteers, in a circle of chairs.  The people were asked if they needed prayer and if they would fill out a slip so a local church could connect with them.  When they finished with one group; one member of the prayer team would get back in line around the edge of the tent.  One after another after another… for four hours…  We were told ahead of time by the training facilitator that we would encounter single moms, victims of domestic violence, people coming out

   of rehab, people needing jobs, and people that just need a leg up.  We saw it all.  We had five prayer teams from CFC/Colby’s home group; Don, Jean, Dave, Matt, Cathy, Debbie, Teri and I, Bud and Steph (Bethel), and Carlos and Saul (Prosser).   I asked the people in our group “what touched you the most?”   There were so many stories, and I didn’t even get a chance to talk to everyone.  I have whittled for a week to condense it down to this…..  


Don said he and Jean prayed for a woman with a bunch of kids whose husband had assaulted her. The police got involved, and now the husband is estranged from the family and has lost his job.  They have a child that needs medical attention and there is no income or health insurance.  What do you do with that?  Try to get them some support, connected, and Pray.  Teri said the one that stuck with her was the young lady who said “I don’t believe in God”.  Teri’s response was “I do, and he loves you”.  She said she just really felt a connection with this young lady and prayed “life” into her, oh, and she had pain too, and all the pain in her body left…..don’t believe in God?  No faith?  No problem…..  The girls also said that everyone that said they had pain was healed when they prayed…the miracles just flowed.......


Bud and Steph had several encounters that really impacted them.  One of those was a single mom with three kids.  The mom wanted prayer for her 19 year old.  When she says she doesn’t have much support, her 10 year old says he will support her.  They pray for the mom and older son and then Bud asks the 10 year old to extend his hand and asks the Holy Spirit to minister to him.  Bud asks him if he sensed anything, and the boy says, "Yeah!! My hands felt hot. It started in my finger tips, then went into my palms, then up my arms, and in my legs, then my heart." Bud told him God has special plans for him. (SPEAK LIFE) They did the “hand prayer” again with a man who had three kids and wanted prayer for work and family.  This time the recipient felt, "shaking in his legs and emotion".  I thought it pretty amusing that another prayer person asked what Bud was doing with “the hand thing”.  Bud had a “God" response” (I meant to type  “good” but  “God” works).  He just said that Jesus did different things like using spit and mud and this was just a different way of praying. 


Did I mention healing?  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Literally everybody we prayed for got healed of something.  Dave said he saw about 10 people healed including two young guys in the park.  He had Matt, his son, video the whole thing.  It’s one of the best healing videos I’ve seen.  That was special for Dave because he wanted Matt to see a miracle; what he’s been seeing for the last five years.  Dave said another one that was really memorable was when Carlos, who has only been a Christian a short time, and who came out of addiction, was able to share his testimony with this young lady just coming out of rehab.  Then, as the tears flowed, he led her to the Lord.  Thank you Jesus.


Terri and I had the first two through the entrance; an older man and his daughter.  He had pain in his feet.  We found out because our very first question 95% of the time was “do you have any pain in your body?”  We prayed, and the pain left.  We asked him about his faith, encouraged him to get connected, and then it was back in line.  Saul and I prayed for a guy who had been hit by a car and whose body was a train wreck, but it was his foot that was causing him grief.  He told us he’d been prayed for by “people like us” lots of times, but nothing happens.  We prayed for the foot, the pain left, and he was amazed. No change to his atrophied arm, but he still gave us a “what the heck!!”  I think my favorite was the lady with the sprained ankle.  She got so excited when the pain left; “I pray all the time!”  Makes the sign of the cross, “I pray every morning”.  Then Saul does the hand prayer (or impartation) on one of their  boys and  one of their girls.  The expressions were priceless…..  The last family came in after they had taken the chairs.  The wife had fibromyalgia with back and knee pain.  We had the husband lay his hand on her back and tell the pain to leave.  He prayed two or three times and all the pain left.  Then, with Saul on one side her and me on the other, we were going to point at the knees and pray, but as soon as we said “the knees” her husband’s hand was right there.  Her knee pain left too…


The last person we prayed for was one of the volunteers with a brace on her wrist.  She wasn’t comprehending that we wanted to pray for her.  We already had a hold of her hand when she finally says “oh, you want to pray for me?”  Yes, pain leave in Jesus name.  “The throbbing went away” Are you guys miracle workers?”  We just pointed upward.         


Position yourself to be a blessing.  PRAY!!     


Be blessed…..    Matt 10:7-8





As You Go……


Teri and I were in an antique store downtown on Wed. where we met a vendor with a brain tumor.  We prayed for her and she felt tingling in her head and all the way down her left side.  Tingling is good, and we do know God heals tumors; we’ll try to catch her again sometime in the future to get an update. 


Thursday Dave prayed for a lady in a Connell antique store.  He started the conversation by asking if she had back pain and she said yes.  Then he told her he was like a physician’s assistant and asked if she would like that pain to leave.  She asked if she needed an appointment.  No, he was here and would take care of it now.  “Pain leave” and it was all gone.  Then it was time to share the gospel.  Turns out she was baptized at a 4Sq when she was young.  Julie prayed for her friend, who didn’t want to divulge what her problem was; only that she had been praying all day and God answered her prayer..


Thursday evening I was late getting to the Healing Rooms and they had enough prayer teams.  But I had a treasure map and was feeling like there was treasure out there, especially after the antique stores encounters earlier in the week.  I walked down to the corner antique store expecting to find treasure; nothing.  I returned to the healing rooms and I’m watching the desk when across the street I see three guys, two with the colors on map; red and blue, working on a car in the parking lot. I decide to walk over there and as I'm walking toward them the guy in Red (I’ll call these 3 guys “Red” “Blue” and “Tattoo”) starts walking towards me. It turns out “Red” went to school with my youngest son.  I explain to these guys what I’m doing and “Red” is acting kinda excited because he knows what this about.  Blue, on the other hand, is really hesitant, but he’s the banged up one as he crashed his 4 seat ATV into a car out on some  farm.  His leg is all chewed up and his ankle has been pinned.  I tell him my assistant “Red” is going to pray for his leg and then have “Red” say “pain leave in Jesus name.  Blue isn’t saying if the pain is gone or not, it’s like he’s trying to figure out what's going on.  I say can we do the ankle?  He  says OK and I have “Red” say the same short prayer.  Finally Blue says he feels lighter and feels better.  And then I get the question; is this some kinda mind control?  The door has swung open; I lapse into explaining how Jesus went around doing good (Acts 10:38) and we’re to do the same. Then I turn to Tattoo and ask if he has a rose tattoo.  Right here he shows me.  I show him my map, rose tattoo.  The I ask what he’s got going on?  He has a tooth that’s bothering him.  I start to lay my hand on his jaw but “Red” is right in there.  He says the same prayer and we pray a little more together.  Tattoo says “it was  throbbing a minute ago and it stopped”.  Now Blue says this is cool; “I’ll be tellin’ people about this”.  I explain more about Jesus and healing in the bible and how the bible says “as you go" not as you sit in church. Blue says he remembers going to church when he was young and he thinks this is not like  religion.  Last of all I ask to pray for Reds girlfriend who’s sitting in the car.  She says “my mom’s gonna kill me”.  It turns out she is a Witness.  I tell her it's ok. God loves Witnesses too, and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to her.  Turns out the encounters all had “down town” in common, not “antique stores” as I was expecting….


Saturday a bunch of us boys in the family went to a Mariner’s game and the “Louise’s” (Teri, ‘Shell, and Elsie) went to Teri’s favorite aunts and cousins (aunt’s daughter) birthday party in Salem.  It was a big to do as her aunts (and cousins) house is quite the gathering spot due to their generous hospitality (they rarely turn anyone away who needs a place to stay and will cook for an army) and that they always offer company the traditional Scandinavian “dam good one”; whiskey and the mixer of your choice; hospitality, food, and a drink, that’ll draw a crowd!  This is the “west side unchurched” part of the family where, at family functions, almost everyone has a drink in their hand except the “teetotalers’” from the east.  We socialize but don’t usually bring up “Jesus” stuff unless someone else brings it up first.  Terri said this time wasn’t any different, they weren’t drinking, just enjoying the company.   It

 was no small crowd and they were having a good time when right in the middle of it all her cousin Bob says something like; “I hear you have healing hands and my back’s killing me’.  Teri said she felt like she was “called out”.  Teri, not one to shy away from a challenge, enlists ‘Shell, and her sister Barb, and they pray for him.  His back gets amazingly better; he’s twisting squatting and doing all this stuff he couldn’t do a minute ago.  Then they prayed for his wife and another cousin.  Oh, and guess what question they got asked?  That’s right…is this mind over matter?  So Teri got to ask “whose mind over whose matter”?  She also talked to another cousin who said she was “mad at God” and was cussing him out.  Terri’s response was “good, God wants his kids to talk to him.  You’re having a conversation with God”.  There was more but I like her initial response.  Way to go, as you go…


I’ve really been pondering why we’ve gotten so much “mind over matter” feedback lately.  Is it the “other side” working on a counterfeit for healing and the Holy Spirit using movies and TV, like Supernatural?  Selah….


Greg Barness had a good definition for Mind over matter......When our mind comes into agreement with the mind of Christ; we are exercising our mind, partnered with Jesus, over matters that come against us.  Another “Selah”.

If you don’t pray you’ll never see anything happen.   PRAY!!


Be blessed…..    Matt 10:7-8 



In a drawer by the table where I like to read and have coffee in the morning, is an old page of notebook paper with some notes on it.  One says; DON’T KEEP THE MIRACLES QUIET!! I keep it as a reminder that we’re supposed to share the testimonies of Jesus.

A week ago Friday, Dave, Terri, and I went to Art in the Park to look at all the cool artistic stuff……just kidding, Terri was trying to look at stuff but Dave and I were there to distract her and treasure hunt.  The treasure huntin was like breakin rocks.  Maybe it was the demographics; 80% middle to UMC white women, the estrogen was almost suffocatingJ !!  We looked, we stared, we fumbled….finally Terri says, “You guys are pathetic, what colors are on your map”? Then she prays for a couple of ladies, and that kinda breaks the ice.  Still, we only found and prayed for a few people using our maps.  The real interesting encounters were the people who weren’t on our maps.  One was this hippy looking guy and his friends.  He happened to walk by me as he was COMPLAINING about something, so I stopped him and asked what happened.  His girlfiend wanted nothing to do with what I was doing but when I asked him if he wanted his pain to go away he saidyes.  So he let me touch his shoulder and I said “pain leave”.  I did it once and it was better, but it didn’t go all the way away, and when I offered to do it again, she wanted to leave, but he says, “I’m kinda liking this”, so I did it again, and then he says; “how’d you do that?  Mind control?”  When I responded that I was a Christian and I prayed, the gig was up.  The girlfriend couldn’t get them away from me fast enough, still, a seed was planted, someone will water, and another will harvest, in Jesus name.  

The other encounter was a mom and daughter.  The daughter, late 20’s, had her arm in a sling.  We had noticed her earlier so the second time we saw her we stopped her and asked what had happened to the arm.  It turns out she had surgery on her shoulder but it wasn’t really sore.  She did have pain in the C4-5 area of her neck from a car wreck.  Terri laid a hand on her neck, said a real short prayer and the girl said she felt a “pop” in her neck and it quit hurting.  She was pretty excited about that.  Then her mom told us she had pain in her L4-5 area so we had the daughter lay her a hand on the moms back and tell the pain to go.  Her pain left and we got “the look”.  They were totally blessed and of course we were thrilled that God showed up and showed off.    

I had an opportunity to pray with Cindy at the Kennewick Healing Rooms a week ago Thursday.  One of the first ladies we prayed for had been healed from fibromyalgia when Cindy and Dave had prayed for her a few months back, now she wanted healing in her back and was bringing her mom in for prayer.  We prayed for the back right there at the counter and all her back pain left.  That reminds me, the week before, Cindy had prayed for a guy at the Healing Rooms with a bad knee and all his pain left.  Then she goes to church the following Sunday, is on a prayer team, and a guy comes up with a, that’s right, knee problem.  She tells him her Healing Rooms knee testimony, prays, and if you guessed all his pain left, you’re correct.  Revelation 19:10 ….the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.  

A week ago Saturday, Dave went with Moe to the Farmers Market to get veggies, and pray for people.  Now, for the most part, Dave’s favorite tool for evangelizing is a treasure map, but he will also talk to people if he feels God “highlights” them.  A refresher here; highlighting is when you’re in a crowd, or a room, and someone really stands out to you.  It’s like God gets his highlighter out and colors them to make them stand out.  Terri and I occasionally approach people like that. Sometimes we’ll talk about it and God is highlighting the same person to both of us.  I see Moe do this at church and home groups, I think he would refer to it more as a Word from the Lord but it’s the same principle.  We have actually been in church where we approach the same people at different times.  For instance, this last Sunday Terri and I prayed for a couple in the foyer as they were coming into church, they sat by Dave, who engaged them for prayer,
then Moe came over later and had a word for them.  Pretty funny.  But back to the Market, Dave had several good prayer/healing encounters, including my daughter in laws mom (Jeanette tells me; “Uncle Dave prayed for my mom at the Saturday Market, it was really good!”) and Moe just approached it like it was church.  If felt he had a word (highlighted to him?) he would walk up and say “I need to pray for you”.  Dave said it wasn’t what he was used to but it was all really good.

Bud and Steph a couple that go to our Monday home group have been “Prayer Walking” in the park as of late.  They say the response from people is quite good.  They get turned down some but the overwhelming majority of people want prayer.  Think how this city, area, state, country, would look if we all did that.  I like it.
One more.  The pain clinic where Terri works is for chronic pain patients, people that don’t get better; they just get their pain “managed”.  Terri tries to pray for the patients when she can.  An older gentleman has been coming in for some time and she slowly built a relationship with him and was able to pray for him.  Last week he comes in and says he doesn’t think he needs to come in anymore, his pain is gone!  There’s a thank you Jesus.

We know there’s MORE.  But if we don’t pray we won’t see it.   PRAY!!

Be blessed…..    Matt 10:7-8