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Shaws in Austria



Warm greetings from Vienna. Kathy and I are getting settled in, making contacts, started a regular Bible Study with the beginnings of a church-planting team and doing some out-of-country ministry encouraging leaders. We’re still praying in enough funds for a good reliable vehicle and are making headway. I hope you’re able, from time to time to catch up on what we’re experiencing here on Facebook: SHAWS in Austria.



Kathy and I will be back in the US for a brief visit to finish wrapping up some business from May 26 – June 21. We’d be happy to be with you and report what our partnership in the global harvest is accomplishing and our view toward the future, and encourage the people in today’s vital world mission investment.


We are living in a critical pivot point in time. A renewed commitment and passion for Jesus’ vision and mission to reach every man, woman and child with the message of His love and forgiveness is vital if we are going to change the world.


So amazingly grateful for your love, encouragement and team-work.

We so enjoyed our time with you there. You were wonderful hosts.


Marc and Kathy